Right now this is just a placeholder.
Let's populate the topic later on with actual Screen Saving Stuff Very Happy

What is already known:
- will run on fxCG10/20/50
- will be coded with Lephe's fxSDK / gint and possibly Azur (not yet decided)
- will be a screensaver Wink

Stay tuned ...
I plan to create a collection of OldSchool Demo effects :

Like this one :

Now will crate more visuals to make something interesting to be seen.
Making some progress tonite:

Added 3 new effects. Now we can contemplate :
- plasma effect
- ball to torus dots morphing
- inside the matrix
- oldschool lens

Effects can be switched either by the user (with F1 and F6) or are switched automatically every 10 seconds.
this is awesome. i didn't realize the fxCG10 could do stuff like this
Right now it runs on a fxCG50 quite smoothly as I enable "the CPU Overclocking".
As fxCG10/20 can handle similar overclock, this should not be an issue.

To be fair, the videos are taken from the emulator for Heath as it is much easier to manage.
This looks very cool! Thanks a lot for the eye candy Smile
Thank you very much. Really appreciated.

No doubt you will like also this new one. What's better than a rotating burning Cube ?

Look at ~1min10sec (before is juste some testing after few optimisation, fine tuning of my code) :

My plan is to make a collection of such "a Good Old Demoscene Effects" Very Happy
I really adore the floating points demo, reminds me of stuff from the early aughts on the 83+ and 85/86 calcs!

But that burning cube is AMAZING! That Casio is a powerhouse isn’t it?
the games for it are really mid. how come this screen saver is so good when the games for the casio are graphically poor
Calculatordream wrote:
the games for it are really mid. how come this screen saver is so good when the games for the casio are graphically poor

There are actually a lot of impressive games (certainly comparable or better than that of the TI-84 Plus CE), but Cemetech often has less Casio stuff so it could be easy to pass them by.
Update with some new effects.

The label can be swithed ON/OFF

Available effects so far are :
- Plasma v2.0
- Dot Morphing v1.0
- Matrix v1.0
- Lens v2.0
- FireCube v1.0
- Rotozoom v1.0
- Blured Bouncing Line v1.0
- FireMorphing v1.0
Looking magnificent!
Wow! This looks amazing! Well done!
I got some free time over the weekend to move forward with my contribution.
Here is a capture of current revision 0.9.

12 visual effects are now available with rev 0.9 :
- 3D Starfield v2.0
- XOR Moire v1.0
- Simple Blured & Bouncing Line v1.0
- Spline Distorsion v1.0
- Blured Bouncing Starspline v1.0
- Classical Amiga-Like Rotozoom v1.0
- Plasma Sinusoids v2.0
- Dot-Based Shapes Morphing v1.0
- Classical Lens Magnification v2.0
- Mesmerizing Rotating & Burning Cube v1.0
- Enter The Matrix v2.0
- Morphing & Blur v1.0

I also added a control menu aiming at changing some options, we can briefly see it in action at the begining of the video.

I hope being able to add more stuff by the end of the contest.

Hope you like it...

Update : v0.9.3 ahead with 3 new effects :

- Motion Blur on Spinning Cube v1.0
- Rotating Sphere on textured background v1.0
- Raindrops v2.0

So now we reached 15 effects.
This is the very final revision. Just sent my contribution for the CC26 as I won't be able to add more due to a intercontinental professional trip.

I added an intro combining 3 classical effects : fire + dot donut + textual siner-scrollers.

I am a bit sad not being able to pursue over next week, but it was a really funny and enjoyable experience. Hope you like my contribution and good luck to all perticipants.

So this is where it stands right now :

Everything is available here : https://gitea.planet-casio.com/Slyvtt/ScreenSaver

Enjoy and have fun !!!
I'm impressed how many classic demoscene effects you managed to not only implement, but also make performant over the week or so since you started. Great work!
Thanks KermMartian, really appreciated.

WIth one additional week, I would have spent more time on the rotozoomer. There is a big framerate drop that I was not able to solve till now. For the others, it is quite decent, considering that there is not even on single line of ASM.
I didn't discover this thread until today. Well done! Those are some veeeeeeeeeeeeeery impressive effects! I especially like the lens magnifier and the rain!
Thanks Hot_Dog

This is completly out of the competition now, but I like the idea of keeping this program alive and to use it to demonstrate what can be done on fxCG50.

So as an "off the record" update, this is a new effect called "Texture Wavy Dot-Flag"

This is also a popular effect from the Amiga Demoscene in the 90's.

Of course, this is not subject to submission for the contest as the deadline is over Very Happy
If you want to look at the code, it is pushed on the git repository given in previous messages.
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