Hi everyone!

I've been working on: an ASM sprite test program specifically designed for the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator. This program will utilize assembly language and will be available for download both here on the forum and on ticalc.org.

The ASM sprite test program is a testament to the versatility and power of graphing calculators, showcasing the capabilities of assembly programming. It's a project born out of passion for tinkering with technology and exploring the potential of these devices beyond their intended use.

For now, the program will be compatible with popular calculator shells like Ion or MirageOS. However, stay tuned for updates and enhancements as the project evolves.

PS: As a little sneak peek, I'll reveal that this program is just the beginning. It's laying the groundwork for a larger project—a port of a popular arcade fighting game that's sure to bring some excitement to the calculator community!

Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to sharing more updates with you soon
Really excited to see the sprite program. Is it merely a demo? Or is it an actual library accessible for people to use in programs? Also excited to the arcade game.
This reads a great deal like an LLM-generated post to me.
KermMartian wrote:
This reads a great deal like an LLM-generated post to me.

Agreed. It’s the usage of the word “testament” and that fact that each of the four body paragraphs are nice and neat, with plenty of filler words in them. It also seems to be regurgitating previously or already known facts again and again. Not to mention, it’s mentioning some kind of social event (“excitement”) which is more or less inexistent.

^ that right there, folks, is more or less your checklist when identifying ChatGPT-generated content.
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