Major update!

MyCalcs now features "achievements" (like in your favorite games...), most of them automatically triggered, depending on your collection facts, as well as your actions on the site, but some are manual.
Achievements will soon give a score (either an addition to the "positive karma" score or an addition to the "negative karma" score).
There are secret ones, and particularly difficult ones to earn, called "feat-of-strength".

For now, there are a bit less than a hundred, and about 75% are implemented.

In addition, some achievements also grant a "title" as a reward, which you can add to your name on your profile Smile You can choose it on the profile editing page.

Anyway... it's available (still not 100% done, but close) on

Happy grinding! Wink
For the end of the month, I have the pleasure to release a big update of MyCalcs!

Starting today, MyCalcs now handles graphing calculator accessories (according to certain criteria, see the page linked just before), and we have identified 193 of them (including 76 variants) in the database already.
The accessories in the DB have also been matched with 216 images (that was a lot of work, because almost all of them are Hi-Res, and had to be cleaned and transparentized...), and some of them even document the accessories in multiple angles!

Whether it's TI-92 modules (including prototypes), TI-Navigator, access-points Charging Stations for CEs, leather cases for your HP 49G, faceplates, collector slidecases for NumWorks, data collection device for Casio calcs, or even overhead projectors for Sharp ones... we should have "everything" Smile

Come help us improving community knowledge of the history of EdTech hardware, through the gathering of hardware revisions over time, for calculators and accessories! Just log onto MyCalcs, and fill in what you have via the integrated form on your profile, it's simple, free, and without any ads or tracking etc Smile Thank you in advance!

See for example my profile, by selecting "Accessories" at the top right :

In the near future, we will also add achievements related to accessories, in a similar fashion as those that exist today for calculators.

Other recent changes:
  • General dark mode improvements (CSS, favicon...)
  • Layout improvements here and there
  • Profile quick facts improvements
  • Added a "marketing sample" flag
  • Set variant filling as required for some calculators
  • Fixed several achievements
  • Fixed detection of a member's oldest calculator in some cases
  • Fix conflict between edit mode and filtering of the profile table
  • Added the "N-year club" badge at the top of the member profile
  • Update of several JS/CSS libs
  • Improvements/additions of internal moderation tools

Many thanks in particular to LogicalJoe and mr womp womp for their continuous feedback and contributions that have led to all these new features.
✨ Dynamic userbar images are now available!

With a light and dark style, and in various image formats, userbars for your forum signatures (or elsewhere) are now available!
The general URL for the dynamic images are: (with 1 your User ID)
We've also added a page with embed codes, where you can customize the format and appearance:

Light :
Dark :
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