Fixed a bug where it only searched the first 30 entry page of results for artifacts.
Hey there, just wondering if this would be possible on a non- CE TI-84?
I'm not a TI-Z80 expert, but AFAICT, yes, as evidenced by Brandon Wilson's PS3JB for the 84+/84+SE, and certainly 84+CSE/ Likewise for the 89T (2004+): the newer 84+ (2005+) use the same USB controller. Brandon made a direct port of PS3JB to the 89T, and also the Linky framework for exposing the 89T as HID keyboard, HID mouse, PL2303 serial adapter, some generic Mass Storage Device, etc.
USB is an asymmetric protocol, with a host and devices, and OTG mode. All platforms which support direct unit-to-unit transfer, without having to go through a high-powered USB host (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), are equipped with a full-featured USB controller, and as such, can usually be bent for the implementation of implement arbitrary USB protocols (corresponding to the USB generation of the controller, at least).
Cool, thanks. Also, jacobly, any active development on this? It works very well but maybe make sure no bugs are there, like a stable release?
Wow keep up the great work. Edit: is there a website u could use on a phone to use one ti connect features such as writing programs? Then you could fully use a phone.
Michael0x18 wrote:

That link doesn't seem to work for me (Firefox 93 on Manjaro). What browser is required to be able to run WebUSB?

(This isn't a requirement for me, as I already use TILP, I'm just asking for posterity.)
epsilon5 wrote:
Michael0x18 wrote:

That link doesn't seem to work for me (Firefox 93 on Manjaro). What browser is required to be able to run WebUSB?

(This isn't a requirement for me, as I already use TILP, I'm just asking for posterity.)

Firefox doesn't include WebUSB for security reasons (because honestly, WebUSB is kinda a major security incident waiting to happen). You'll need to use a Chromium-based browser like Chromium, Chrome, or Edge. You also need special driver stuff if you're on Windows (as usual).
commandblockguy wrote:
You also need special driver stuff if you're on Windows (as usual).
Trust me, save your sanity and just don't bother with changing drivers to use on Windows.
Did the usual procedure with Zadig not work for you / produce ill effects ?
All my issues I documented here:
It took hours because none of the tools worked correctly the first time. It ended up breaking TI-Connect CE and I can't get get the original driver to reinstall.
Ah yeah, I forgot about your renamed calculator Smile
You didn't reply to issue #24, BTW. Besides helping other users of renamed calculators by eventually adding better probing support (I think that this is the issue at hand in ticalc-usb), doing the test I requested could help restore the TI-Connect CE driver. You'll need both the libusb-win32 filter driver install and the Zadig install described in the TILP Windows README, but that procedure ought to work, to the best of my knowledge, for making at least TI-Connect CE and TILP (libticables) both work, one at a time, on your computer - not sure about working alongside TI-Connect CE and TILP (libticables), though.
TheLastMillennial: ping ^ Wink
Thanks for the bump. I got some time to try this and TILP does recognize my renamed calculator as a TI84+ CE on Windows 10 Pro 1909.
I ended up getting the original driver back by uninstalling the device through device manager.
I have a bug. On Chrome OS, the default files manager thinks that the TI-84 Plus CE is a read-only device. This makes it annoying to put programs on my calculator.
I can confirm clevor's bug on Chrome OS, the device recognizes two drives with the same name, one for variables and the other for programs, but as read only. On an attempt to copy a file out of the system, chrome reports that "the file or directory is not usable", as it failed to pull information from the calculator. On the calculator itself, inside your program, readout is as follows:

GetPartialObject: (00000018) 00000043 00000000
response: 2005

The hex containing the 43 varies depending on files(Is it the identifier for the pulled file?), but all metadata for all the files is fully viewable from the chromebook. Very impressive work so far, and the (limited) compatibility on Chrome OS of all things was definitely unexpected but appreciated regardless.
Is there a download link for USBDRVCE that still work? I wanted to give this a try on my CE with hacked pic vars.

EDIT Nevermind, I just couldn't see the scrollbar in TI-Connect CE file list.
EDIT 2: It seems that hacked pic vars transfer is possible.
So I Have Successfully Used it on:

Windows 11

Partial Success on:

ChromeOS (Can View all Files but the "drives" are listed as read only)

I wish I could install OSes through this tool though, because 90% of the Time I am Using a School Computer & Can't Install TI-Connect-CE or TiLP.
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