As DZ8x progressed and started to support more kinds of variable files than just programs, it became clear that using DZ8x was not very good for editing or viewing TI-variable files; as a result, tivars_hexfiend_templates started and is now the most complete TI-variable file parser to date.

Made available within TI-Toolkit, this Tcl template is a slick way to view and edit TI-variable files in HexFiend, a MacOS application. More generic command-line functionality is partially complete and currently available in the Terminal branch but is subject to change.

This template will parse and display the different fields in files from the TI-73, (TI-81), TI-82, TI-83, TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus CE, TI-85, TI-86, TI-89, TI-92, Voyage 200, and every non-Nspire graphing model in between; including flash variables such as applications and OSes.

For "live" discussion of this and other endeavors such as tivars_lib_py, join the TI-Toolkit Discord Server. TI-Toolkit is a newly-formed organization of developers striving to make tools and documentation for TI calculators more accessible to the aspiring enthusiast. You can find our repositories on GitHub; contributions are greatly encouraged!

This thread will be kept updated and monitored. Seeing as most major features have already been implemented, there will likely only be small things here and there, such as a full rewrite.

Following are some screenshots of it in action within HexFiend.

This project's core functionality is effectively complete.
Recent changes include:
* Added IM8C appvar format
* Added 68K extensions to file identifier
* Improved 68K app, appvar, and tokenization parsing
* Added some previously undocumented functionality to flash files
* Added support for TI-92 backup files
I must say, this project is probably some of the– if not the– most complete 8x file documentation we have; this is some impressive work and I greatly appreciate you compiling this and making it public.
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