Version 3.1.1 Release

Download v3.1.1 from the Cemetech archives here!

Thank you, commandblockguy, for figuring out how to fix this unusual bug!

Version 3.1.1 can be run from both Cesium and ArtifiCE on TI-OS 5.8.0, so this should fix reptile23's issue. It also patches a bug in the undo function that would cause HexaEdit to crash when undoing single deletes.

Enjoy! Smile
Alternate Look for the Main Menu Lists

In a previous post, epsilon5 suggested dynamically changing the background color of the main menu lists depending on which one the user was browsing. I implemented a version of this behavior today that is shown here.

Alternate Look:

Current Look:

What do you think? Should this become the default main menu UI or should HexaEdit stick with the current look?
I like the alternate look better. Smile
The source code supporting the alternative look is now on the project's Github page. I might hold off releasing it as a version for a little while so the community can try out both menu themes.

Enjoy! Smile
DJ Omnimaga wrote:
I like the alternate look better. Smile

Same. I think the alternate look--since it shades in the "folder" you're not selecting--looks more visually appealing and lets one focus on what's selected.
I clearly prefer the alternate look as well. Thanks for implementing that!

EDIT: Also, here's the original mockup that I made of it for posterity (which is also a bit back in the thread).
Version 3.1.2 Release

Download v3.1.2 from the Cemetech archives here!

This release incorporates the new main menu look and fixed a bug that made hidden variable names show up incorrectly.

(The screenshot is from a v3.1.1 build with the new main menu GUI.)
Version 3.1.3 Release

This release patches a bug that made the program miscalculate the sizes of TI-OS matrices.

Download v3.1.3 from the Cemetech archives here!
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