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tifreak8x wrote:
SignFinder and ThePotatoOne do not work currently with CelticCE. I need to see if I can find notes, and figure out what aspect of DoorsCSE I was using to make it work back then, and possibly adjust them.

Hopefully you can get it working, but please let me know if there's anything I may have ported incorrectly if you can't get it to work due to Celtic CE not doing something right.

Did some digging, it was using the xlibc commands from DCS8.2:

xLIBC/xLIBCE Libraries #

xLIBCSetup - real(0,FN,Value)
UserVariables - real(1,FN,Uservar_Num[,Value])
GetKey - real(2,FN[,Args])
DrawMap - real(3,FN[,Args])
DrawSprite - real(4,FN[,Args])
ManagePic - real(5,FN[,Args])
DrawString - real(6,FN[,Args])
DrawShape - real(7,FN[,Args])
xLIBCUtility - real(8,FN,Val)
UpdateLCD - real(9)\

I had forgotten I had dabbled in some xlib things, so those 2 mentioned programs will probably never work for the CE.

Working on trying to freshen up my knowledge on Celtic and how I may want to tackle some of my projects going forward. Thinking I want to play around with some sprites to move around a screen, since all the basics of BASIC are still pretty solidly in my mind Smile
So I've spent the last little while working out story board ideas, some game mechanics, and the like.

I'm thinking my next step will be working out some form of map walking mechanic. As I'm using Celtic for this project, I'm debating on if I want to use 32x32 graphics, or swing down to 16x16, giving "more" on the screen at a lower resolution. Regardless of which size, only 160x256 of the screen would be used. Which we can center it a little and make it look a little cleaner.

Just kind of wondering thoughts on this, and appreciate any opinions on this part of the planning phase.
I think it would depend on the style of game. If it's more story-based, I'd say that 32x32 would be nice as higher-resolution graphics are always great. However, if it's more puzzle-based, seeing "more" on the screen makes a lot more sense to me and makes puzzle games more convenient, so for that I would lean to 16x16 tiles.
It's going to be an RPG, potentially with puzzles of some kind? I'm still putting down the finer details.

I was wanting the 32x32 for the better details of what the sprites can be, but the size of the sprites in terms of data will eat up a lot of space very quickly. Guess I just need to sit down and try to come up with some temporary versions in both sizes and see what I can do with it.

I also feel like I'm remembering an asm program for the monochrome calculators that would shift the screen in one of the 4 directions, but doesn't seem Celtic CE offers that. Going to have to work around that for the engine since I was thinking about using the Pokemon Purple walking engine, just overlayed with sprites.
By 160x256 do you mean 256x160? Because the screen height is 240 pixels not 256 Razz . At 256x160 it would probably remind me of games like Legend of Heroes/Dragonslayer released in Japan.

Also Celtic CE does have screen shifting including the ability to shift only a portion of the screen. It would be det(58, direction, amount, x, y, width, height). It got added again later on in the Celtic CE project.
Hm, I looked over the docs but must have missed that, I'll have to go read up on them better. Thanks for letting me know!
Alright, little update.

I've been poking around with taking notes on the story board. I still need to work on a map of some kind, which will become quite important pretty soon, after I can create myself a walking system along with a spriting/mapping system.

Just wondering if anyone has any good sources for sprites, in the 16x16 range. I've found some, but they all seem to want money for them, even if they give sheets you can swipe with the snipping tool. I'm currently looking for a basic player character I can use to move around, and some basic ground/world based sprites.
A few resources I found:
Ooo thanks! I've been poking around and finding sites, but everyone wants money. I have no problem paying for them, but for now, I just want some not great sprites to play around with.
If it helps, I searched for "royalty free sprites", with variations of "8-bit" and "16-bit" in there as well. Helpfully, many royalty-free sprites are also free.
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