I've tried, but I couldn't find it. I also don't know the name

[quote="TIny_Hacker"]Why not check for it in the "Downloads" section of the site? (Also, please do not necropost, unless you have a VERY good reason for it. Try the search bar first. Very Happy)[/quote]
Yeah, I'm sorry I realized a few minutes later that it hasn't been released there...
Oh, that doesn't mind. But it is a shame that it hasn't been released. I was searching for a war game for Ti 84, found this, and then I saw it is not released yet. Loganb128 does not respond any messages too. So I think the project fell dead. I am trying to make my own hex grid war-game, but I am also struggling with the drawing of the hexes. I will let you know when I make progress if you want.
If you look at the beginning of the thread, there are some similar projects you could look at. Good luck with your game!
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