Sorry, Alvajoy123 - I didn't see this for a while (busy - first year of high school). I'm not quite sure what you mean - can convhex compile ICE?
I think it can compress programs.
Will they still run correctly, or will they need to be uncompressed before runtime?
I’m not sure, I just assume it is something like the compression for C programs with the tool chain. These ones don’t need to be uncompressed or anything, they can just be run. The compression typically makes the programs between a half and a third of their original size in my experience. I assume it would be somewhat similar for convhex and ICE.
OK - I will try it, but probably not until I actually post CEdriod on the Cemetech archives.
The drive link doesn't work anymore, can someone send a working link please?
Help i need the download link the one provided is dead..
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