name_here___ wrote:
If distance moved per frame is relatively constant, you can probably use a system something like the following (definitely slower, but avoids doing a square root for distance):

  • Per tank, keep track of x and y (separately) moved since the last tread mark was placed
  • Each frame, check if the sum of the squares of the x and y counters is over some value. If so, place a tread mark
  • Reset x and y movement counters every time a tread mark is placed

Oh, that's really smart! I'll be sure to add that next time I work on the game.
I just came back to this and I must say, wow! It's looking incredible, everything is, and especially nice work on the explosions and tracks too.

What's the status currently?
I was about to say that it's probably in the same status where it usually is, where every few months I'll take another look at it, completely refactor stuff, and one new feature, and then leave again for a few months, but I've realized that it's been almost exactly a year since the last update, so maybe not.

The graphics stuff is really a pain at the moment - it's almost too slow, so I'm limited in terms of what abstractions I can use. I think I determined last time that I might have to write my own routines in assembly for drawing various things. Particularly, I need some way of obscuring objects by blocks that are in front of them. I currently do that by drawing the entire object, then redrawing blocks on top of it as necessary. But I could also do it by giving each object a height (aside from explosions, which would need an entire heightmap), and only drawing the portions of the sprite that are on top of whatever tile is on that section of the screen.

I'm also somewhat lost as for what to do with the AI, as it's also a bit too slow at the moment - I think optimizing the raycasting function is a must, but I'll have to make other changes, too.

I suppose I could just reduce the frame rate again. My goal is 30 at the moment, but it would probably still be playable at 20 or lower.
Is it able for public use/download yet cause this protect looks amazing and this was my favorite wii game by far (no rush ofc if it isn't)
avreagemathstudent wrote:
Is it able for public use/download yet cause this protect looks amazing and this was my favorite wii game by far (no rush ofc if it isn't)

Latest available version is here:

Note that there still might be bugs, hopefully a 1.0 release isn't too far away!
Looks great, can't wait to try it!
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