I know nothing about coding on a to 84, but, I have a to 84 plus ce, will have an Arduino MKR1000 WiFi, and a goal is to create an assembly program that reads current position from gps through the Arduino, then go/move to that position on the included map(s). I would rather the map(s) be auto mattically detected based on a naming scheme, not does not have to be that way. I will not have but 7-8 different stretches of road for proof of concept. As afore mentioned, I have absolutely no idea what to do, how do I do this (or who do I pay for this )?
I am currently working on a USB serial library for the CE, which may be helpful for the CE<->Arduino communication (should be completely finished within a week or so).

Do you have any experience with assembly already? If not, it may be simpler to write a program in C.
I have no experience with assembly; I do plan to learn, but in just happy that it is possible. What's this language, "C"?
By the sounds of it, I think you've barely programmed at all, so jumping straight into Assembly (ASM) or C is not something I recommend.
Instead, so you learn the basics of programming and how it works, I'd highly suggest learning BASIC first. It's not all that powerful, but it's a great language to start on while getting familiar with the calculator.
Once you get BASIC down, the C USB libraries will most likely be more complete and easier to use so you can start learning C or ICE (ICE is like a combination of BASIC and C).
Good luck on your project!
I understand the basics of programming (limited java, c++, c#) on a computer, but not on a calculator. Ti 84 coding is a, um...... interesting situation.
Oh, if you've already dealt with those languages before and understand them, then I suppose you could get right into C. There's a topic about the SDK and libraries here. And a website dedicated to C programming on the TI 84 Plus CE here.

Since you're new to the calculator, I'd suggest sticking to C for now. If you're ambitious though, you can start learning ASM too! Unfortunately, I don't have any resources to give you right now; they're somewhere, I just don't know where.
When the libraries are complete, then where will I find them.
Most likely with the rest of the libraries.
EDIT: Whoops, ninja'd.

Probably on this forum and on my GitHub? I haven't finished them yet, so there's not really much point in figuring out where exactly they will be released to.

I'll post an update in this thread and also the project thread.
OK. I have the ti 84 serial drivers. It seems that they are indeed arduino libraries like I was hoping, but I can't seem to use them. When I go to install them into the arduino program, I get an error saying that it isn't valid. Am I doing it wrong; how do I use them?
The serial driver on my GitHub is a program for the CE. On the Arduino you can just use the regular serial commands like you were communicating with a PC.
Oh, ok. That means I have to,learn how to use them on a ce. Thanks.
You should ask MateoConLechuga about that. He has done some fantastic work with the CE's USB port and can (probably) give you some pointers.
What would happen if you just plugged a USB into one of those USB A to USB Mini B converters and plugged that into a TI-84 Plus CE without the C libraries? Would the calculator just ignore it, or would you get like an error message saying something like, "Libraries missing" or what would happen? Also, MateoC showed him using a USB that had a .txt file that just said 'apples are great'. Could you import a .8XP file so you can put programs from USB to calculator.
I presume you are talking about a thumb drive?

The calculator would just ignore it.

As the OS does not have USB stuff like that built in (only some drivers iirc), there would be no errors, just nothing would happen.
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