So I am deciding to continue development on LAXBOT and post updates here.

Right now, LAXBOT is an Python IRC bot hosted on and is more of a chat additive.

I plan to add more content like filtering, auto-kicking / banning based on spam / profanity, and perhaps the reintroduction of the LastSeen command.

You can currently find LAXBOT in the #flood, #LAX18, #LAXBOT, and you can message him to test things out too.

The commands list is available here
LAXBOT has been getting some new updates lately.

New commands:
&promote [product] - Promotes Product
&demote [product] - Demotes Product
&torment [name] - Torments [name] with insult

New features:

Channel Linking
LAXBOT now supports linking of two IRC channels on Efnet. Support is planned for cross-server support.

Admin Commands
Now, stuff like joins, parts, and disconnects can be managed through IRC from a registered admin (me). The bot can also be remotely shut down.

Profanity Filters
LAXBOT now detects and warns of use of 'choice words'

You can try these out in #LAXBOT on Efnet (unfortunently, the bot is not online right now, but will be up tommorrow)

Stay tuned because BIG things are planned Surprised
Today, there was some progress...

LAXBOT has been moved from one bouncing service to another. This allows it to be more independent.

A new python IRC bot is being developed, called LAXLINK. LAXLINK will provide cross server linking services to select channels. This will take priority over LAXBOT for the time being.

- Multiserver connection support
- Support of /me commands
- etc
Okay. I know this seems abrupt but as of now, all LAXBOT and LAXLINK related services have been disconnected. Development has also stalled and I have no planned date for the reintroduction of these (limited and hardly used) services. Be that as it may, The spirit of LAXBOT lives on in jcgter777's jcgtBOT. This bot is modeled after LAXBOTS earlier code and has many similar features. To find out more, please check out the development thread here
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