I am coding my first game in c ce (that does anything useful) and im very excited. Its going to be a command prompt type game, (ect. type help and get a list of commands) it will be a game where you have to try and keep a civilization alive with only chat commands. I have some ideas and I hope if I finish it you will play it!

All comments, suggestions and questions are welcome as are optimizations, keep in mind this is a work in progress.

Link to code: https://github.com/Codingguyy/Chatpopulation
You should start with the following points:

1) Always make your code readable. This is done by being consistent; do not mix tabs and spaces; use consistent indenting and variable/function naming/capitialization.
2) Don't use globals. These are variables that exist outside functions. Don't use them until you know when to use them at the very least.
3) Keep functions under 100 lines if possible.
4) Separate code into different files. For example, graphics routines in one file, input routines in another, file input and output in another, etc.
5) The first include in your source files should be the corresponding header that goes with that file. Additionally, only include headers where they are used -- you should not be including *all* the headers everywhere, just the ones needed to compile the particular file.
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