Hello all,
I found a nice little library called internet-ce a while back, and brainstormed some ideas for a new project using this library. Thus appeared Internet Gateway, which is planned to be a Satellaview-like service, where you can download games and newsletters and participate in events. I'm programming it in C, which has got to be my new favorite programming language. It's going great so far, except that with internet.c in my src folder, it just won't make. Every time, it throws
error: failed register allocation
or something along those lines. Does anyone know an alternative to internet-ce that will compile, or any help with getting around the register allocation error?
Are you able to post the exact error message you're getting and perhaps the source of the file you're using it in?

Additionally there are other help sections on discord such as #c-on-the-ce on the Cemetech discord: https://discord.com/channels/466808269789200384/725408711262077027 which may be able to assist.
Ah, thank you! The exact error is "error: ran out of registers during register allocation". I posted all my code for it on Github at https://github.com/dozer8383/internet-gateway. Also Discord is off-limits.
The code was posted with pretty much no preparations, so ignore most of the random stuff and placeholders.
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