_iPhoenix_ wrote:
The music changes are incredibly abrupt. Maybe you could display some form of portal animation with a sound effect between or fade out one track while fading in another.

It's coming along incredibly well, congratulations!

Edit; Heh, just noticed that you cut the video *right* before my favorite part in the music. Razz

You know, right after I made the video I thought about doing the exact same thing. I noticed that the tracks definitely change abruptly. I'll make some kind of portal animation, or at least a fade-to-black.

v0.10.0b has been released! The secend public beta release comes with some new stuff. I've added a transition screen between the main menu and playing a map-pack. I've also added proper death handling, including a Game Over menu and relevant options. Menus have received proper click support, so clicking on options will now activate, scroll, etc. as they should. One new event tile has been implemented: the Boss Door! The boss door will open automatically when the boss on that screen is defeated and remain permanently open. As a result, event tile maps have been shifted down by one to add this tile next to the other door tiles. This means maps made before this change will most likely have wrong tiles in place of spikes, gateways, and enemies, as well as a few other tiles.

Video showing off the most recent progress!
Coming soon: Abilites!

The ability I've had implemented for a while and shown off a little bit is the Dash. Double-tap any arrow key to dash in that direction! Perfect for fast movement, dodging, and more!

In the next build, these two will be implemented. First is the Spin. Just like Zelda, it is a 360 degree slashing spin attack! Perfect for when you're surrounded.

The last ability I have fully implemented is the Illusion. Leave behind a fake copy of yourself and disappear to enemies, even becoming invulnerable for a short time! Perfect for getaways.
Version 0.11.0b is now out! Lots of new things have been implemented, buggy or confusing behavior has been fixed, and I finally added enemies the transition screens (Although I may not have shown it off fully)!
Download the new release here: https://github.com/123outerme/Gateway-to-Legend/releases

Patch Notes:
* Added three new abilities: Spin, Illusion, and Laser. One more is planned, but I don't see why I can't add more if I find more than one good ability to add.
* Added enemies' proper positions to transition screens (scrolling, Gateway animation)
* Changed pathfinding of Enemy 2 (ghost enemy) to move in a straight-ish line directly towards the player
* Updated water sprite in default tileset.
* Added mouse support to volume changing and different toolchain menus.
* Menus now show which item you are about to select with your mouse
* Added the Settings menu to the Overworld pause menu.
* Added and fixed more maps.
* Fixed bug: Boss action editing and animation editing would display movement patterns inaccurately mostly
* Fixed Linux bug: After the movement part of an Animation script has completed, the game would crash.
* Tweaked the toolchain a bit.
That looks fantastic! Keep up the great work Smile One little thing though, you have to press too many buttons in that in-game menu haha... How many times does that back button have to be executed Razz
MateoConLechuga wrote:
That looks fantastic! Keep up the great work Smile One little thing though, you have to press too many buttons in that in-game menu haha... How many times does that back button have to be executed Razz

Thanks! I'm definitely trying to keep grinding away at it.
I actually thought about that while making the screenshot (and since I messed up a couple of times, I got really acquainted with that menu Razz), so taking your advice, I went ahead and changed it.

And why, you ask, am I posting now? Other than because it would be rude to ignore Mateo's post for too much longer, I've gotten back to work on GtL, and have a new build almost ready to go! New maps, features, etc. coming up!
Version 0.12.0b is hitting metaphorical store shelves! Dropping with new content, fixes, streamlines and more! This update has more changelog entries than any of the past ones so far. Most changes aren't additions to gameplay, but rather changes and minor improvements. These include more SFX, streamlined menus and controls, bug fixes, and more.

Download the new release here: https://github.com/123outerme/Gateway-to-Legend/releases

* Added lots more maps & content
* Added 3 new SFX: One for dash, one for pausing, and one for being healed by a HurtPlayer script
* Added Back button to Map Creator's Save/Discard menu
* Added backup keymap to Map Creator's tile switcher ([Q] becomes [-], [E] becomes [=])
*Generated scripts will now include comments to describe roughly what the script does
* Removed some options for keymaps ([LCtrl], [RCtrl], [-], and [=])
* Revamped help menus and added informative screenshots to some Help menus
* Reduced menuing to get to popular options
* Fixed the first boss' fighting pattern to prevent standing in one spot and attacking
* Fixed minor issues with toolchain
* Fixed issue that sometimes prevented user from quitting out immediately when trying to close the window
* Fixed issue where using the sword then shooting a laser while sword's on cooldown removes the laser's hitbox
* Fixed quite a few crashes/accidental immediate quits (where the program would accidentally think you want to close the window)

One bug remains:
* All: After quitting the game, cleanup will sometimes crash (essentially unnoticeable, but I'm still fixing it)
Gateway to Legend v0.13.0b is about to drop! I've been hard at work polishing Main Adventure, and now it's fully completed! I added the final Ability, as well, the Charge! See it in action below:

As well, two more map-packs are on the way: Tutorial, an obviously-named map pack. Perfect for learning the ropes, testing, experimenting, and more! The other map-pack will be the Map Design pack! This will teach and show you the basics on how to properly design a map, as well as how users will be interacting with your creations.

Finally, when v1.0 does drop, I want to remind everyone to visit the Gateway to Legend Map-Pack website, where you can find user-created map-packs! I hope to see a lot of map-packs on that website!

As well, if you want to be on top of the news when it comes to Gateway to Legend, be sure to join our Discord!
Gateway to Legend v0.13.0b finally rolls out! Many new features, improvements, and tons of bug fixes implemented into this (hopefully) final beta version.
Download here: https://github.com/123outerme/Gateway-to-Legend/releases

* Added all intended maps for the Main Adventure and Tutorial map-packs
* Added last music track
* Added final Ability: Charge, a headlong invincible sprint, sticking your sword out
* You can no longer switch Abilities from the Pause menu. This is to streamline gameplay and discourage frequent pausing.
* Fixed Continue option on Game Over screen throwing player into a random area
* Fixed glitchy sword hit graphics/particle graphics
* Fixed problems with toolchain
* Fixed lots of crashes on Linux machines (usually involving mismanaged memory)
* Fixed various other small things
* Reworked trigger_dialogue_once script (aka TriggerDiagOnce) into force_dialogue_once (aka ForceDiagOnce)
* Downloads: Added Makefile to GatewayToLegendbin.zip

No known bugs remain.

And finally, be prepared...
Here it is. Finally, after a long public beta, Gateway to Legend releases! Version 1.0.0 is now publicly available. The finished version can be downloaded today! Take a look at how far we've come with this video:

I want to thank my Discord server (link in the video description), my friends, anyone who contributed ideas, art, music, suggestions, and bug reports. I want to give a special thanks to my best friend Ian, and @_iPhoenix_ , who worked together to create the music for this game.

Download here: https://github.com/123outerme/Gateway-to-Legend/releases
And share any creations you'll make here: https://gtlmappacks.firebaseapp.com/upload.html

And thanks for playing!
Everything is fixed.... now! Unfortunately during testing with some friends I found a few more bugs to squash:

Gateway to Legend v1.0.3 releases with a few minor but important fixes.

Changes from v1.0.2:
* Fixed an issue with scripts on top of each other not triggering properly
* Fixed an issue in Main Adventure where the second-to-last Gateway wouldn't take the player to the right location
* Fixed an issue where the health upgrade menu text would be cut off before it's supposed to end
* (Not confirmed) Fixed an issue in Linux builds where the edges of the screen would flash during screen scrolling transitions if the window was larger than the map

There are two known bugs:
* Some Linux distros: White bars appear at random, usually when the screen or enemies (?) are moving. This seems to be a SDL bug, and something I don't believe I can work around.
* Some Linux distros: During screen scrolling transitions, keypresses are stored and the players moves according to those presses in the next map. This also appears to be an SDL bug, and not one that I could figure out how to easily work around.

Download here: https://github.com/123outerme/Gateway-to-Legend/releases
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