So even on vacation I've found some time to program! I've gotten my CE portion of the builder nearly done, I think I like it better than CSP right now. Laughing

This is a craft I made with the build system, I'm going to make a save system soon.

Now I'm going to work on the 84+ version.
For some reason both wabbitEmu and Justified refuse to take in the file. (wabbit says the file is too large even though it's less than 1kb) so I'm going to try again with a different save.

EDIT: I tried a new save and it worked!

EDIT 7/30/2017: this is a small update so I'm not going to make an entire new post for this. But I've got save files compatible between color and monochrome calculators! I'm going to work on a way so instead of loading 5 lists, you'll only need to load 1. Also a later idea: I may add some small mod support. (i.e. just add more parts)

EDIT 3: so somehow I completely screwed up something and my program is now bugging out my calculator and jsTIfied. Also, apparently jsTIfied does not support ctrl+Y so my program is all screwed up now! Mad
*sigh* I guess it's time to load that backup and restart...

***TheLastMillennial goes on a walk.
All right! I've got the 1 list save/load system functioning for both color and monochrome and now I'm working on calculating the meteor size for the color calculators.

As I said in _iPhoenix_'s thread, I will be making a commercial for this. I hope... Razz

I'll try to get a GIF soon.

I don't have any progress on mod support yet, I doubt I'll be able to implement that by the deadline.

EDIT: Holy crud! The deadline is tomorrow?!?! Surprised Sorry monochrome calculators, your features are going to be seriously cut. Sad
I thought it was the twenty second of august, so I'm literally doing some of the final bugfixes as I am writing this.
Ok, I'm seriously worried that I wont be able to finish this by tomorrow. Vacations are not good for competitions. Crying
Of course I'm going to work my butt off to try and get it done, but if I cant then... *sigh*

Even if I cant get this done by the deadline I'm still going to work on this. I really like the idea of trying to make a visible damage system and it still be able to be compatible across all calculators.

I've just wasted about 4 minutes typing this, I'm getting back to work.

EDIT: This is quite important, I gave good ole PT_ permission to ban me (until tomorrow) so I would stop focusing on SAX and work on my program. So don't expect me to be around on SAX for a while. Smile
Bolded those words to prevent any misinterpretation.
Good luck!
I actually uninstalled MC to try and focus. I am also locking myself up socially for other reasons, so I am probably not going to be on SAX at all anyways.

If you feel discouraged:

Imagine that you have spent about 120 hours on your entry, and suddenly, an obscure section of code breaks down for pretty much no reason, then you realize something and you patch it, only to find another bug or optimization that needs your entire focus and attention, but your easily-distractible attention draws you to a shiny new feature or discover some obscure bug with some obscure section of the site (or ditch it all in favor of creating an advert for your project, selling some BM plots on MC, etc)

I have spent all this time and may not finish, anyways.
Alright, I thought I wouldn't be able to finish this by the deadline, but thanks to _iPhoenix_'s ideas there is hope! Very Happy

I just got my CE portion of the program working for the first time! Although it is really difficult, I'm overall happy with it! Now I'm going to really rush the monochrome version, if it comes down to it I may have to add monochrome support in the next release. But would be really sad so I'm going to have PT_ ban me again so I can get this done. (Just Joking, please don't ban me PT_ Razz)

So my I believe my submission wont have any mod support or damage graphics but I'm going to add those into a later release.
Ok I finished, barely. I may actually be disqualified since I was 11 minutes late. I hope not. Sad
Anyways, unfortunately there are still a few annoying bugs but I think I got most of the game breaking bugs out.
One last thing; I forgot to put this in the readme but
Shoutout to _iPhoenix_! who gave me amazing ideas and made me believe that finishing this was actually possible! Also, thank you PT_ for banning me so I would actually get work done. Razz

oh, you probably want to see what this looks like, here's some gifs. I dunno why jsTIfied's gif looks so bad.

I'm to tired to type any mofgbhnhjkbnmlg., Zzzzzzzz
Well this sucks. Crying

11 minutes, all to make a readme and finish uploading.
Anyways I guess I'll just have to be on time next competition. I still want to thank everyone who helped and supported me through this. It was very fun and I hope to compete with you guys in the future.
Necro post:
JPL has been accepted into the archives.
The rules say I have to have a download link so it is: Razz
JPL for Color and Monochrome

EDIT: I keep finding this thread instead of my new JPL topic Here. Laughing
My new Too Many Boats topic is Here.
TheLastMillennial wrote:
So I wasn't sure what I was going to do for the air competition. but when I was looking through old backups, I found my first game I ever made for the CE. I had called it JPL. It was pretty poorly written and full of memory leaks since I had only been programming for a few months prior. But at the time of completion I was pretty proud of it.

It pretty much was like this:
You were a rocket trying to escape a black hole (don't question the realism Razz ). You had to dodge space debris while trying to reach your space station. I was so into this game, I even added the option to fly a Tie-fighter from Star Wars! 0x5

It should be noted that these gifs are from the original game I made, not what I'm going to submit. Smile

This shows the main game. (I accidently had CEmu at %140 throttle for the first few rounds)

This shows the end when you would 'Win'.

So for my air entry (I took space as being acceptable) I'm going to remake this game to the graph screen, but! I'm going to take my builder from CSP and modify it so people can make their own ships! (I am allowed to do this right?)

I just thought that, duh, just make your craft as small as possible to win! So I'm going to make a counter to that. The shorter your craft, the faster the debris will fall. The thinner your craft, the fatter the debris will be. Razz

If possible, I may add realistic damage so whenever you get hit, that part of the ship will 'fall off'. it may be slow, but it'd be interesting to try.

how do you have equal sign with black backgrounds? Is this ti-basic?
Waaangyi wrote:
how do you have equal sign with black backgrounds? Is this ti-basic?

Yes, that is all TI-Basic. He simply got the token from a certain table.
Yeah, I originally got them from TI Connect CE, but then I made a program that contained all the special characters so I could put them in on-calc. In Source Coder they're called "invertedequal".
For future questions, please post them on my dedicated JPL thread.
TheLastMillennial wrote:
Yeah, I originally got them from TI Connect CE, but then I made a program that contained all the special characters so I could put them in on-calc. In Source Coder they're called "invertedequal".
For future questions, please post them on my dedicated JPL thread.

that is pretty cool!
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