BUMP almost a year later
JWinslow23 wrote:
BUMP almost a year later

I opened up the project again, and it looks like there isn't really that much more left to do. I will try to make time this week to get it to a working state (I can't make any guarantees).
sounds fun! Smile will you have the same levles as the regular version?
john35588 wrote:
sounds fun! Smile will you have the same levles as the regular version?

It has the same levels plus 200 more, for a total of 600 levels!
That is a lot of levels.
There are I think two other flow versions for the CE, but none of them look as nice as this one! Wink

Keep up the great work, jonbush!
Plot twist: I will be scrapping the TI-BASIC version of this game, and instead recreating it in C.

After much consideration, I have decided that I will be unable to create a satisfactory product in TI-BASIC, and that it will be a better use of my time to simply program the game in C.

When we were first porting this game from monochrome to color, we ran into a limitation with the number of colors available for the different flow paths. To combat this, we decided to create two shades using dithering. While this works, it decreases the performance to the point that the game is almost unplayable. I made some progress by further compromising on the graphical quality, but the speed is still not satisfactory. The solution used to increase the speed also creates some mathematical problems that further complicate drawing the lines and automatically sizing the boards.

Pros of this change:
▪ Increased performance
▪ Improved graphics
▪ Decreased RAM requirement (levels can be stored in ROM)
▪ Support for pack selection from within main program
▪ Ease of implementation

Cons of this change:
▪ Old codebase is useless
▪ Loss of compatibility with the CSE
▪ Giving up on TI-BASIC
▪ Requires C libraries, asm( or shell

As you can see, the pros definitely outweigh the cons in this case.

I actually started a C version a while back, but then I got really busy and stopped. Now that people have indicated renewed interest in the project I will do my best to get it completed.
I agree, C seems like the way to go for this project Smile I spend (waste) a lot of time playing Flow on my phone, so I'll look forward to seeing this develop.

Using C, you might even be able to implement a random puzzle generator!
Quick question for the stakeholders:

Should I stick with the light theme, or go with a dark theme closer to the original?

Please share your opinion(s) below.
Dark theme please, save our eyes Razz
I agree, dark theme would look best I think Smile
Dark theme 100.00000000001% Of the way
I created a new thread for the C version here.

For those interested, the TI-BASIC source code can be downloaded from my website.
Yes, I agree -- Dark Theme So I can play in class when the lights are off
How do you compile the source code to TI-Basic so I can put it on my calculator?
john35588 wrote:
How do you compile the source code to TI-Basic so I can put it on my calculator?

You need to paste it all into SourceCoder and click Export. However, this won't get you that far since the line drawing and end menu parts of the program are broken/not completed.
OK, I don't have SourceCoder, but thanks anyway! Very Happy
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