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Based on the title, pretty obvious what kind of game I'm trying to make. I've been working on this for a while, but mostly on the game logic and subprograms which I've been stuck on for a while.
Have not started in actually coding the game, but hopefully I can get started soon. I'm hoping to make this as similar to the original as possible, and I need a lot of help understanding game structures.
Anyway, this is probably the last big game I'm going to make, going to make all the games, include the 3D stuff for examining, basically all the features in the real game.
Will be made in b&w and experimental sound (hopefully I can figure this out).
Now I was gonna have some screenshots of what I got already, so maybe later if I feel like it...
Sounds pretty cool, I hope you're still working on it. I hope you post some screenshots.
So thanks that someone at least remembers this >_>. I've recently been fixing out some of the bugs with storing all data into appvars, and just today, finished putting together the initial animations of episode 1. Still missing blood animations, but those commands are more specific and harder to work with, so I'll finish the main things first. Anyway, even though this is a real slapshot remake, here's a image of what I made already.

Text right now is pretty hard to read, but I don't really know any better fonts to use other than the ti standard one. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know.
I just looked the game up. Seems cool, although it's not really my type of game.

Anyways, it looks great so far! Wink
I think the font is fine, it's just the kerning that's off. You need more space between the letters.
I know that I should increase the space between the characters, but the 83/84 screen is just too small to hold all of the characters that I need. Also, when compared to the real game, if the kerning was like that in the gif, it would be almost the exact same distance, making it more authentic and easier to port.
There definitely will be adjustments in areas where the font is extremely hard to read, like adding a space.
However, if it just wont work out in the end, I might change the spacing and increase the lines from 3 to 4-5 to compensate.
I know Doors CS uses a 3x3 square font which might just fit your needs.
Oh. Oh gosh. This looks really impressive.
As a long-time fan of the Ace Attorney series, I'm super-happy that you're making this a project.
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