Just asking, why do some screenshots look like they are from a TI-82, while others are from the TI-84 pce?
What are you talking about?
ACagliano wrote:

Screenshot of title screen.

Progress Update:

Project page. After Deep pointed me to the jQuery.mobile plugin, was able to use the "tap" method to integrate with my onclick triggers. The project page for Slender is now mobile-capable.

Slender. After being poked by Xeda on the fact that her text routine crashes if text goes off screen, I revised my calls to the routine such that text wraps manually. Crash persists.
ACagliano wrote:
While I've been working on Star Trek MP for the CE, I decided to give my Slender CE project a bit of a nudge in the "complete" direction, by tossing in a ported version of Star Trek's rendering engine and modifying the mapdata structures a bit. I was inspired to do this bc of the upcoming release of an official Slenderman movie.

I built and created a working program, but the renderer is a little... off. Firstly, you seem to only see one tree, nothing else. Looking around (left/right) works properly but moving forward or backward does not. Regardless of what direction you're moving in you seem to move away and then towards. I wonder if this is an issue with my rendering algorithm or my map generation algorithm, or possibly because you're overflowing the range quickly.

Here's a link to the source, for anyone wishing to review: https://bitbucket.org/anthonycagliano/ti-slender-ce/.

As you can see, on of the screenshots was on an older t-82 while the other was on a ti-84 pce.
Please put all of that in one post. Double posting (let alone triple posting) within 24 hours is not allowed.
This project was indeed started on the TI-83+/84+, which is the reason for the original, less cool splash screen screenshot. As was the initial Star Trek Multiplayer project. However, more recently, my TI-84+ broke and I invested in a TI-84+ CE and decided to get into programming for that. At that time, I open-sourced both of those projects and began working on CE versions of both.

While Star Trek is a bit more of a complex project, Slender was essentially done except for the rendering engine which i wasn't sure how to do. Once I got the rendering engine somewhat working for Star Trek, I decided to port that engine to my Slender game, since the map data is stored the same way I can use it, allowing myself to get 1/2 of my projects formally released.

Only to discover that the rendering engine in Slender doesn't work entirely right. Hence me finally deciding to post the code and a screenshot of the problem(s).
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