I'm working on improving my periodic table program for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. It now uses xLIBC and Celtic CSE for graphics and data.

The original version was coded in TI-Basic, it took half a minute to draw the periodic table and had less information.

-Data in appvar
-State periodic table
-Melting Point
-Boiling Point

New Features:
-Search: Element Name, Symbol and Atomic Number
-Function icons

Future Features:
-Electron Configuration
-Highlighting Sections

Download: http://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&id=978
Looking good so far, what other ideas do you want to include with this?
I plan to add electron configurations, search, highlighting regions, and elements list. Any suggestions?
ohernandez wrote:
I plan to add electron configurations, search, highlighting regions, and elements list. Any suggestions?

You already have a prototype for element search (unable to be seen from regular program execution), just looking at your code at a glance. What exactly would this entail? I'm interested.
Whoooooa! It's awesome!

Can it include oxidation states?
Looks really nice! Top job and those extra features will really add well to this project.
Its been over a year since my last update for my periodic table program. I enable the search function of my program. You can now search by element name, symbol and atomic number. Also added function icons.

I plan to add electron configurations and highlighting regions (element type) for a future release.
This looks awesome!

The UX is good too, this is a great example of xLIBc and its functions.

Couple suggestions:
-Search buttons are normally on the right
-Hamburger menus (I think that's what that is) are on the left

I'm actually looking forward to this!
Looks good so far! Keep it up! I can't wait until this update is released!
"supernecrobump" is this still going on? Has the update been released yet?
If you click on ohernandez's profile, you can easily check what programs they have submitted to the archive.
caleb1997 wrote:
"supernecrobump" is this still going on? Has the update been released yet?

Caleb1997, I have been playing alot with ohernandez's program to the point where the code is merely vaguely similar while trying to keep the displayed stuff identical, but I did end up changing a few of the actual displayed things (for example, the apparition of the periodic table) as well as adding some things to it to fit my needs like electronegativities. I haven't shown anyone these changes (except a few early on to ohernandez) but If he doesn't mind, I would be happy to post my modded code Razz Essentially, it is considerably faster, has less memory leaks (I think it still has like one) and includes the electronegativities and the possibility to use the clear button when searching for an element and a radioactive symbol on the info page of the radioactive elements and I fixed a bug that would occur when using the del key and alpha keys when searching for an element. Oh and both the appvar and program are smaller too, the program being under 4800 bytes and the appvar, under 5200 bytes.
I haven't mentioned this because, well of course, this isn't my program lol and I haven't asked for any permissions Razz oops.
Look awesome! Can you make it sing a song, too? Razz
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