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This mod (that would likely be a GUI) would allow you to play .mp3 and maybe .wav music files ingame. This would make DMs and other stuff like SO epic. Is this even possible? Would it cause assloads of lag?
All you need is a decent low resource media player that if needed you can alt tab to to change the music, I'd recommend Foobar2000. If someone wanted they could add features to interface a media player of choice from freebuild rather than building it into the game.
Yea, I would suggest simply using a out-of-game system rather than an ingame one. Seems like overkill, and it likely won't be nearly as nice as what can be done outside of the game.
the engine already supports ogg files, and can play them from the client, without a datablock. I already planned to make use of this in Michael Jackson's Stunt Child, maybe I'll develop something for this too.
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