elfprince13 wrote:
How is this going, btw?

Slowly atm. I've done all the casual work I can.
Until there is something to generate weapons files, i'm stuck for all the weapons, as I simply don't have the time to do them all, make sure they're all okay and make sure the files sit nicely until I get a substantial time off without concerns of power outages, online assignments and power outages preventing me from doing online assignments (see: today).

University is on overdrive; i'm overloading on subjects and do moderate the forum as well as contribute to a couple of comics, which I do the artwork for. Thankfully, it is slowing down now. Initial Getting Into It is over and I've started actively recreating in my breaks rather than running around making sure i'm not missing anything important.

I have a fantastic partner for the comics who makes sure I never spend time I don't have on the art, and i'm just trying to nail thermodynamics before it returns the favor.

I have been looking in spare time for other resources, seeing as the majority of that is together, and it'd be nice to have the lot of it.

Once the weapons are done, that is really it. The vehicles require tweaking and a little work, and then I simply must port a few Halo maps from the original HaloTBM. Danger Canyon, Blood Gulch and Sidewinder were all made once. Just gotta find them again. Very Happy

Outside of that, unless we get some fantastic new features, its really a weapons, vehicles and UI total conversion for now. I plan to spend some time in the future changing bits to be closer to Halo.
It has custom armor, the decals are all there and the UI is partially done and coming along.

If you'd like to try, I can upload a vehicle model or two so you can try your texture overlay trick. If that worked, i'd be overjoyed.

tl;dr? The weapons are the only thing preventing this thing from looking very close to complete.


I do have a question for now, however.

Would it be possible to make (or simulate!) a particle emitter as a projectile?
entirely possible, you just need to manipulate your particle trail emitter.

Do you have any plans for implementing some of the Halo gameplay modes?
or just make your particleemitter the emitter in the onFire state. It would not do damage, but if you fire a transparent projectile at the same speed you'll get the same effect.
My university decided to explode, so I got the day off.

Hail+Heavy Rain.

Anywho. I haven't the faintest idea about game-modes. Its above my head.
Oh snap. Suck for the library.

And have you done any scripting at all besides weapons + guis? Game modes really aren't that complicated once you understand the interface.
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