Hey everyone, let me know what you think of the new maps (make sure you're running -r380 or newer). The seams in the texturing for SpaceBox are somewhat intentional to help prevent total disorientation, but if anyone REALLY wanted to get rid of them, I've included the source .xcf which is the 3072x4096 sheet used to generate the tiles for the skybox, and you can disable the masking layer and do some fading working to blend the textures along where the seams go be with the material that SHOULD be there but was cut out of the sheet to make the skybox foldable (if that makes sense....).

I also think Sunset looks particularly good, but of course all feedback is appreciated.
Grand Canyon is nice, although I still managed to crash the engine by flying a DeltaWing in loop-the-loops while shooting its blasters. A comment on Grand Canyon: you can see the fogged hills coming into the draw distance, which looks unrealistic, so I'd recommend raising the draw distance a bit. Of course, lowering the fog distance is also an option, but the map already feels a bit claustrophobic.
I just updated Grand Canyon a bit to have a somewhat higher range of visibility.

The vehicle crashes unfortunately are going to be around until I do the stuff with Bullet collision.
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