08-02-08 Combined CalcNET, TICI subfora into Doors CS subforum, renamed "Cemetech's Calc Projects" as "Cemetech's Projects," and moved the Multiplicity and Website subfora to the Cemetech's Projects category.
11-10-08 Repaired links from author profiles to files in the archives
11-10-08 Fixed sax to use absolute links to edited topics, for cross-site compatibility.
11-16-08 Added new files section to the front page
11-16-08 Raised uploaded file size limit from 1MB to 2MB
11-16-08 Removed Simms2 from cluster and diagnosed: primary hard drive failure.
11-16-08 Installed new hard drive in Simms2, reconfigured, inserted back into cluster.
11-17-08 Made file archives automatically move files if an admin changes the base directory for the file.
11-17-08 Added file update upload link to archives file pages for authors and coauthors. No actual update upload or processing functionality yet.
11-21-08 Incremental improvements to the archives stats page, including much cleaner formatting and better table headings.
11-23-08 Added archives upload and accept/reject queue capabilities to actually handle author-initiated coauthor designations, instead of only allowing site administrators to manually add coauthors.

11-23-08 Fixed news item dates in RSS feed.

11-23-08 Added ratings, reviews, and screenshots indication icons in the archives.
11-23-08 Moved archives description code to function in separate file
11-23-08 Centralized homepage new file code somewhat
11-23-08 Added icon glossary at bottom of archives folder views

11-23-08 Spent a few minutes on the huge backlog of random BASIC programs on my ticalc.org profile that aren't yet in the Cemetech archives properly (ie, files are in the filesystem, no associated data in the database)
11-24-08 Churned through more of the backlog of files to be added.
11-24-08 Continued to churn through the backlog. Making steady progress.
11-24-08 Divided up the appalling 53K of PHP code in the CACP into subfiles based on the functionality of each.
11-24-08 Changed the Photos module to Completed status.
11-25-08 Continued archive backlog catch-up, down to 69 pending items.
11-25-08 Modified CACP slightly to change latest update date on files, not create date, when editing file data.\

11-25-08 Continued progress on backlog, down to 0 db entries missing files, and 49 files missing db entries..

11-25-08 More progress, only 0 and 35 left now.
01-10-09 Repaired file archives browsing from ACP
01-10-09 Moved file uploads to temp dir instead of hidden in archives - allows for easier addition of File Update feature
02-18-09 Added on-the-fly left and right rotate for pictures and thumbnails in the Photos module.
03-01-09 Renamed Calculator/Computer Open Topic to Technology Open Topic
03-01-09 Merged Science and Technology News subforum (6 threads) into Technology Open Topic
03-01-09 Created Electronics/Hardware Development subforum
03-01-09 Added Ultimate Dev'r as moderator of the Electronics/Hardware Development subforum
03-27-09 Repaired Simms' hardware by replacing thermal paste and reseating CPU heatsink and fan, then replacing existing dual 80GB HDDs with a single 320GB HDD.
03-27-09 Rebuilt Simms' software from backup
03-29-09 Got Simms to begin checking in with Cemetech again. User interface software will come back online shortly.

03-29-09 Deleted user 'kasabusa' as an obvious spambot

03-29-09 Installed Youtube video mod to forum
05-17-09 Fixed a problem with the Photos module stemming from a new webserver backend.
05-29-2009 Renewed Cemetech domain until June 1, 2010
06-04-09 Changed the title of the "LEGO" subforum to "Building with Blocks," as LEGO is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group.
07-12-09 Finished manual prune of DCS Wiki database, down from 600+ MB to 13MB. Upgrading to latest MediaWiki, adding ReCapcha, wiki should be online shortly.
09-07-09 Implemented smarter filename sorting algorithm in Photos module
09-07-09 Added page title modification based on current album in Photos module
09-09-09 Added resize re-checking in Photos module on folder rescan
10-05-09 Improved CSS on SAX to prevent leak/page format disturbances from long lines and words such as links and spam.
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