05-07-08 First semblance of archives live in the Beta, Cemetech6. Directory listings work, some fragmentary file pages. Need to fix visual style of directory listings, complete file pages, add rating and review functionality.
05-08-08 Finished graphical tweaks to C6 archives directory listing, progress on the file pages.
05-20-08 Added "Promote to Front Page" functionality for admins in topics in Cemetech6.[/b]
05-26-08 Added statistics page to beta's archives
05-28-08 Completely repaired and rebuilt rating system. Forbids rating of own files, repeated ratings, and rating by unauthenticated users. Later today I'll fix up the reviews system.

05-28-08 Completely repaired and rebuilt reviews system. Forbids reviewing of own files, repeated reviewings, and reviews by unauthorized users.

05-28-08 Rebuilt upload page, separated into code and template for Cemetech6.
05-29-08 Cemetech.net domain renewed for another year.

05-29-08 Fifteen forum pages templated for Cemetech6.
05-30-08 Cemetech6 brought live

06-03-08 SAX fixed to properly !google [terms]
06-03-08 SourceCoder 2 main page, permissions editing page templated. Still need to template the View Program and Editor pages, then look into the exporting problem selected users reported.
06-04-08 Completed templating of SourceCoder2. Found annoying bug that was causing exporting to fail. Repaired <tt> styling by converting to better CSS.
06-04-08 Repaired file uploader for archives to correctly record the uploading author's ID.
06-04-08 Fixed horizontal scrollbar present at all resolutions.
06-05-08 Finished the core functionality of the Photos module. Anything extra is for ease-of-use by me and perhaps features to help other people understand it.
06-06-08 Added a few projects to the Projects section. Also added a Web Applications category.
06-07-08 Added the following features to the Photos webapp:
:: Photo alignment: fixed alignment to be more uniform
:: Delete photos: Gave the owner the tools to delete individual photos
:: Delete albums: Gave the owner the tools to delete albums. Recursively deletes all photos and albums in that album
:: Added Yes/No confirmation for all deletions
:: Added clicking on a photo to advance to the next photo in the album, a la Facebook
:: Made the [<][>] arrows on the keyboard shortcuts to go to the previous/next photo in an album
:: Added [Home] as a keyboard shortcut t go up to the parent album from a photo
:: Added a "set as album thumbnail" icon to each photo (and album!)

06-07-08 Repaired cron jobs to function properly
06-08-08 Added uploading of single jpgs to Photos module
06-08-08 Fixed post editing announcements in SAX
06-08-08 Added user ability to change permission type in Photos
06-08-08 Added user ability to set permissioned users in Photos
06-08-08 Made all permissioning recursive in Photos
06-08-08 Repaired determination of next/previous photos in Photos albums to work with nonsequential ID schema
06-08-08 Switched news from SQL time to Unix time
06-08-08 Added permalink to frontpage news articles.

06-08-08 Repaired individual news item display at news.php from scratch
06-08-08 Added by-year and by-month category views
06-08-08 Added ability to view an entire year of article titles at a time
06-08-08 Moved any currently viewed article before any monthly listings

06-08-08 Shrunk header to 1014px wide to work on 1024x* screens
06-09-08 More width improvements, should work on all 1024x768 maximized browsers without horizontal scrolling now.
06-09-08 Added ACP feature: Add category
06-09-08 Added ACP feature: Edit/list categories
06-09-08 Added ACP feature: Add project
06-09-08 Added ACP feature: Edit/list projects
06-09-08 Restored SAX post edit notification
06-09-08 Posted news on site updates
06-09-08 Made news editing more robust
06-10-08 Added ticalc.org profile option
06-10-08 Fixed 1024x768 for Opera users
06-13-08 Skinned Calendar page for Cemetech6 users, considering allowing users to add private/global events.
06-14-08 Identified problem in mt3 converter, working to fix it
06-14-08 On user bug report, fixed Photos module handling of arrow keys in all IE versions
06-16-08 Completed upgrades to mobileTunes 3 converter
06-25-08 Fixed news.php to correctly handle news.php?NNN old-style article requests.
06-30-08 Added UnSyntax Software to tiSAX.
07-15-2008 Reverted more spam in the DCS wiki. Maybe that'll help Cemetech's PageRank.
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