I thought I would just get things started off here, I was about to exit out of the Cemetech website and then I saw the news post by elf. Razz Anyway, funny thing its my dad's birthday today too. I hope I have some time to GIMP some picture later tonight.

And again, Happy Birthday! Very Happy

PS: Try not to drink TOO much tonight or we might have some funny posts on Cemetech.
lol, thanks Mexi.
Happy B-day Kerm!!!
Happy birthday Kerm! TI-84+ SE
/me tries to sing, fails

And remember, alcohol is for people too poor to afford computers. Wink
Happy 21'st dewd. Hope you have fun.
Let the taps flow.
Get drunk!
Happy birthday Kerm!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. Smile
KeithJohansen wrote:
Happy birthday Kerm!


I'm digging the photochop frosting Very Happy
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