He is also obviously a pedophile - why else would he have such an, shall we say, "attraction" to Harry? Razz

No, but really, who gives a shit, seriously?
I think that is completely unreasonable of you to say Kllrnohj. The fact that Dumbledore has an "attraction" to Harry is definitely a parental one. Perhaps your feelings spawn from innate homophopia.

In the future, make it a little more obvious whether your joking or not so that no one gets offended.
Yes, because his Razz didn't make it clear enough.
quite honestly, it strikes me as a media stunt that has absolutely no relationship to the events in the books...
I honestly don't care as long as there is no graphic content in the movies/books Very Happy
My reason for posting this wasn't so much that it matters as why she would even say it. It is obviously completely irrelevant to the story after all...
Apparently a lot of fanfiction figured it out and disseminated even before the seventh book, so she was just confirming what people had already figured out.
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