On Sunday our founder Kerm will turn 20. In honor of his years of service to the calculator community I propose a hearty toast in his honor. Note that due to the celebrations he probably won't be back until Monday
Graphing Calculator Idea Graphing Calculator Idea Good Idea Good Idea
Happy birthday! Good Idea
next year shall be fun, right?
oo, Happy Day mate! Hope it was/is a good one =P Wink
Oi Oi Oi! Good Idea
Congrats, Kerm! Happy Birthday!

@Rivereye: @l(0|-|0l 15 73h $|_|(|<. |\|0 |*01|\|7 1|\| /V\@|<1|\|9 |\|3x7 '/3@r @|\|'/ /V\0r3 "f|_||\|"

Have an extremely happy b-day!!!

or like my dad says
A P Birthday(French accent required)

here's a cake for you!

Cool! Happy Birthday!

On another note, my Birthday is a week after Kerm' =D (March 18 )

EDIT: stupid 8 ) smilies, it changed it to Cool
march 1st?? ummm i think your confused.
(actually i think u have a typo)
Happy birthday! Hey guys, let's all-out party before he comes back! Just Joking
ouch. when Kerm sees this...all i can say is OMG
Happy B-day man!!!
Happy Birthday!!
I brought a cake but I ate it on the way here...
Happy birthday indeed!

Just a couple of questions related to birthdays:

When was Cemetech started?

When did Kerm start programming?

When was the first DoorsCS release?
foamy3 wrote:
Oi Oi Oi! Good Idea
Congrats, Kerm! Happy Birthday!

@Rivereye: @l(0|-|0l 15 73h $|_|(|<. |\|0 |*01|\|7 1|\| /V\@|<1|\|9 |\|3x7 '/3@r @|\|'/ /V\0r3 "f|_||\|"

I am too lazy to actually make my own post so instead I quote people and then don't say anything new, fscking nasty crap.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to YOU
Happy birthday dear Kerm,
Happy birthday!
Merry Christmas!
umm....Christmas? i think you're confused here
Happy birthday, Kerm!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!
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