Can I apply to the BASIC elite?
You can apply to be an apprentice.

Oh, whoops, never mind. The link is dead...

It used to be:
Yeah, now it's Razz
well, actually apply for Basic Elite. You are then evaluated on your greatness or potential. If you are worthy, you become a member, if you show potential, apprenticeship, or, you can be denied also if you are not found worthy of either positions.
I have to say, from what Ive seen of his coding he shows a lot of potential, has a quick mind, and understands a fair bit about the language, but needs to learn a few more optimization tricks and get a slightly better command over some of the more advanced function before full membership. Id like to recommend him for apprenticeship.
Speaking of which... I was so close to BE membership with the last contest >.< hopefully it will work this time (I had better go optimize it soon, which in my case will end up being the day before =P)
I'm not close to finishing my entry, but if Kerm doesn't feel like he has to finish DCS on time, I don't have to finish my entry.
don't think that way. I want to see these entries. Also, I will make a note to Kerm if I see something that is really good in code. Some of points of these contests is to promote better coding.
Mine isn't that good anyway. I've given up.
Mine is done, but I need to optimize it...
calc84maniac wrote:
Mine isn't that good anyway. I've given up.

Unless you're as bad as me, it's good enough to try.
And yes, I am that bad with TIBasic. You notice I showed up here in the first place 'cause of Tablet 83.
Get the entries from River and learn from them.
Harq wrote:
Get the entries from River and learn from them.

Half the reason I'm bad is I don't want to learn Razz.
About the same with me & ASM Razz
yeah, proegssilb keeps trying to get me to learn python.

from cemetech_users import rivereye
while "python" not in rivereye.languages:
   print "Learn python already, rivereye!"
It's language =D
I too must admit that I still need to learn Python.
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