Chipmaster wrote:
Back on the data subject then, you know how they have cameras inside and outside the stores "for your protection." If you remember back to the sniper shootings in the DC area a few years ago, a few of them took place in walmart parking lots. Security at walmart had no idea that the shootings had taken place because the cameras at walmart are not for security at all. They are to observe your shopping habits. You can bet that in their massive archive are these camera's footage so they can "better understand" their customers. Evil or Very Mad
Hmm, I never read that particular tidbit. Razz I hate unwarranted surveillance such as that.
Yea, it makes you wonder who the real big brother is. The man, or walmart? Laughing
Chipmaster wrote:
Yea, it makes you wonder who the real big brother is. The man, or walmart? 0x5
Evil or Very Mad It seems that in this case at least Walmart is The Man.
could very well be. You make an interesting point at that, but cameras are not usually designed to look for snipers.
For some random reason, I was day dreaming this morning, on what if every county or state had a HUGE bunker like that. You know, just in case a nuclear war.

Random thought.
In the Cold War era there was plenty of incentive for everyone to build a bunker, from the government to the wealthy. I would be surprised if there were a just a few of these bunkers out there.
with the type of threats we have now about nuclear wars, it would be stupid not to have something to protect your nations people.

Or at least sponser some type of program to build something of that sort.
...or just be a country of idiots.
..and we're off-topic again Very Happy

I saw a program on the history channel about all of the cold-war era bunkers. We had alot of them, and I believe we still maintain many of them.
well, I can understand a few of them, being with Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, N. Korea, or any number of countries that poses us a threat.
/me no longer finds this thread ineresting. *yawn*
Shock How in the world did we start talking about building bunkers in our backyards?
*raises hand* Ooh! Ooh! I have a bomb-shelter in my basement!
@Kerm: You're surprised? This topic is about Walmart's bunker. Building bunkers in our backyards is related. I believe we started talking about building bunkers in our backyards after swivelgames shared his random thought.
Very true, and sometimes, I wonder what it is going to take for one of them missiles to take to the ait.
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