The linking software, FA-124, for the Casio fx-9750G2 has a nifty program editor built into it. I recently acquired an fx-9750G3, and it requires a different PC app for linking the calculator and the computer. The app appears to be named Screen Receiver, and it does not contain any sort of an editor at all! My question is: Is there any reasonable way to write Casio Basic programs for the fx-9750G3 on a PC and upload them to the calculator?

Hi, the only way to edit files that I know of requires an Internet connection but should do the job I think: SourceCoder 3:

When creating a new file click on the Casio then choose your calculator model between the color one and yours.
Thank you for your suggestion.
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Well, RTFM bites me again! It turns out that Casio Basic code can be written using an ASCII text editor on a PC, and then transferred to the calculator. Directions are in the UG, Chapter 8. It is basically the same process that gets Python programs loaded into the calculator. In Windows, using file manager for dragging and dropping works well.
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