As some of you may already know, KhiCAS (a port of PC based Xcas/Giac) is available on the Casio Prizm and fx-9750giii calculators.

There are two varieties: a full version including a complete MicroPython 1.12 implementation, and the lite version which can use simple python-like syntax and no more.

Up until now, I was only aware that the lite version was available for the giii calculators, and that both editions are available for the Prizm CG50, with the lite versions available for the CG10 and CG20 - but there is more.

I discovered earlier this evening that Bernard Parisse, beloved creator of KhiCAS and xCAS/Giac, has uploaded (full contribution list) application files in the .g3a and .g1a format containing just the micropython port used by KhiCAS full version to sister site TiPlanet. Better yet - it occupies under 500K storage, a small fraction of what the usual full KhiCAS implementation needs.

This has a few additional modules as well, including a new more advanced casio graphics library, with getkey command support, which vastly expands the possibilities presented by python programming on these calculators. Remember, the stock python implementation is micropython 1.9.4, and has only the iostream as input, no direct key presses.

Yet the good news does not end there - the python editor included much better leverages the high resolution display and shows more lines and columns of characters at once in a smaller font than the builtin editor. This substantially improves usability, and was my main complaint about the casio provided python implementation.

The downside? It's all in French. Perhaps this can be changed, or maybe the author could be persuaded to create an English version for us unfortunate folks of the mono-lingual variety. However, even if this doesn't come to be, the benefits of this python implementation far exceed the cost of the language barrier. Thanks B. Parisse!

Oh yes, not to forget links to the individual files in question, hosted by TiPlanet.

The fx-9750giii version may be obtained here,
and the fx-cg50 Prizm version is here

happy programming!
I take also this opportunity to highlight that we are currently working on another micropython port for both fx9860Gs and fxCGs called PythonExtra.
It is also based on MicroPython 1.12 and fxSDK microkernel from Lephenixnoir.

Today, we are able to run most of the casio native code, including casioplot and turtle/matplotlib and we do have advanced optimized graphical primitive for high speed rendering via a module called "gint".
This is a WIP and you can find more information here :
Sorry that's in French but no doubt you can understand most of the discussion.
I've just added proper translations to the latest TODO list of the project. We are working on it right now, so if you find anything useful or lacking in it feel invited to share. Also anything that Bernard does better would be nice feedback.
Some news on PythonExtra.
We spent some time recently with Lephe and we have now some good improvements. Lephe is porting some modules for fast graphics and images support while in the last few weeks i ported Numworks python modules (Kandinsky, Ion, Time).

here are some videos capture from the calc (fxCG50) and running NW games.

And the final one, which uses NW code with extension permitted by fxCG to take benefit of extra RAM and wider screen.

You can follow the developments in this thread :
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