Ending our amazing saga of back-to-back PotM/PotY articles, the results are in for the 2023 Projects of the Year! This poll was absolutely no contest... Cemetechians seemed to unanimously vote for the same best project!

In 3rd Place, we have Topicle, created by kg583! Based on the popular word puzzle game Wordle, Topicle features four words which you must successfully guess, all relating to a central clue, or, as the name suggests, topic. Solving a puzzle is a fun workout for your brain, and when you’re done, you can even share your score with others to brag about your word skills (as many Cemetechians have done in the project thread)!

In 2nd Place, we have Ti-83+SE/84+(SE) Video + Audio Player, created by Crazy_Fox2! Unlike previous video or audio players for these calculators, this program is able to play video and audio simultaneously. According to the topic, the Silver Edition calculators can hold around 1 minute of video, while the non-Silver TI-84 Plus can hold around 20 seconds. The audio quality is equally impressive.

And last but not least, in 1st Place, getting over 50% of the votes, and taking the official title for Project of the Year 2023, we have Celtic CE by RoccoLox Programs and TIny_Hacker! They have successfully created the first hook-based TI-BASIC library for the TI-84 Plus CE, which allows TI-BASIC programmers to use a number of graphical and utility operations which are not possible or extremely slow with vanilla TI-BASIC. It also features detailed and concise documentation, making it easy to work with despite the scale of the library. For a good idea of what Celtic can make possible, be sure to check out some of the other projects featured in the PotY.

Thank you to all of our members that participated in the poll, and be sure to keep the great projects coming! Feel free to read more about all of the projects from Projects of the Year 2023 in this article.
Congratulations to RoccoLox Programs, TIny_Hacker, Crazy_Fox2, and kg583! Looking back at the impressive variety of different projects completed over 2023, the 2023 field was particularly competitive, so props for making the most stand-out projects of the year! The other PotY contenders were also impressive, so props to those authors as well.

And with that, we're officially completely up to date on PotM and PotY, at least for another 13 days until we need to write the January 2023 PotM. We have an amazing group of dedicated PotM/PotY news editors, but if you're interested in joining the crew, we can always use more. We will also have the Contest 26 results shortly.
Great job everyone! Let's make this year even better!
Ha! Of course the Audio Video Player is second! Probably because the very particular gif... Nice job everyone!
Well done team!

2023 was a great year with loads of awesome projects, let's make 2024 even better! Very Happy
Congrats to Roccolox Programs and TIny_Hacker for being first at the PotY 2023 contest. They worth it. Such development is of major importance for the community as it helps all the others to develop wonderfull programs. So good Job Mates !!!
Congratulations also to Crazy_Fox2 and kg583!
Congratulations! Those are some impressive projects!
Well done everyone! Great to see a non-calculator project in the top 3.
dr-carlos wrote:
Well done everyone! Great to see a non-calculator project in the top 3.
Agreed, I'm pretty pleased about that myself! It's been great to see Cemetechians continue to stick around and post their non-calculator projects, and I'm glad we can recognize that in PotY.
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