Hello, I'm starting with PrizmSDK, I'm doing a little test


int main() {
    int key;


    while (1) {

        if (key == KEY_CTRL_EXIT) {
   return 0;

When I press the Exit key it actually exits the add-on, but if I want to re-enter the add-on it simply shows the screen quickly and exits but does not wait for me to press the exit key again, I have to enter another add-on and so I re-enter myself. Try it and see if it works, what am I missing, thank you.
You are not missing anything.
This is the normal behaviour of Casio's OS for Prizm calculators.
You cannot launch twice the same addin in a row.
So what you see is actually normal and is not coming from your code.

ok thanks, I understood my confusion then was that I thought that when I pressed the exit key the while exited and when it reached return 0 it caused the plugin to stop executing, and when I came back in I didn't think that it was because I was executing it for the second time time.
If you do want the addin to restart when opened again, it is possible, but it is not how the built-in apps work, nor is it particularly simple.
ok, thank you very much for the answers, understood, I will adapt better to how the operating system works
No problem! Let us know if you have any more issues.
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