Would you use SmartNotes CE when I finish it?
 33%  [ 7 ]
 19%  [ 4 ]
If you finish...
 47%  [ 10 ]
Total Votes : 21

tr1p1ea wrote:
Really nice progress!

Implementing Insertion/deletion is really going to take this to the next level, great stuff.

(Also I noticed you got rid of the notepad background?)

Yea, my sister said I really had to make it look more streamlined, and I had wasted so much time theorizing over possible cool graphics that I really didn't make progress on the program's editing functionality. Razz
I'll definitely add an option in the settings later for the stripey background though!
I think you could really make SmartNotes "smart" by adding an autocomplete. Not a spellchecker, because even the good ones suck Wink but just a thing that you could press [alpha] that'll complete what you're typing based on the word that most closely matches what you're typing (maybe 4 characters typed minimum before trying to guess). I really like how the menu looks. I once tried using small 6x6 images and flipped them to get smooth rounded corners, and I liked how it looked, but boy, it costed a lot of memory. An autocomplete database would take up a lot of memory too, but it could be really convenient if implemented correctly.
jasper7474 wrote:
I think you could really make SmartNotes "smart" by adding an autocomplete.

I think that would be a cool idea, but, as you say, it would take up a lot of memory.
However, I have added basic cursor movement through the buffer, and adding text insertion should be an easy next step! I'm going to try to make time in my schedule to crank out the final 10% of SmartNotes CE this semester, and I'm planning a really cool theme editor so users can create their own color themes and export them to Cemetech so others can download them.
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