Pick one!
Midlife Crisis - Hot_Dog
 9%  [ 4 ]
WEB1999 - Tari
 19%  [ 8 ]
 2%  [ 1 ]
Oldschool demo - slyVTT
 19%  [ 8 ]
Road to Nowhere - TIny-Hacker
 7%  [ 3 ]
CE Casino - ryanconmartians
 4%  [ 2 ]
Dream of Omnimaga
 2%  [ 1 ]
Cemetech Screen Saver - Alvajoy123
 33%  [ 14 ]
Calculator Screen Saving - Oxiti8
 2%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 42

An important part of Cemetech contests is the community vote, where Cemetechians (like you!) can add your voice and influence the winners. We ask you to test out the entries, pick the one you think is most creative and makes the best use of the platform it's written for. Of course, if you're comparing a TI-BASIC program for the TI-83 Plus and a Unity program for a PC, weigh your judgments accordingly. We ask only that you please actually try the programs before voting, rather than voting based on the threads alone. Thank you, and happy screensaving!

"Midlife Crisis" by Hot_Dog (Thread)

WEB1999: an Internet Simulator by Tari (Thread)

Calculatordream by Calculatordream (Thread)

oldschool demo on fx-CG50 by slyVTT (Thread)

Road to Nowhere by TIny-Hacker (Thread)

The CE Casino by ryanconmartians (Thread)

Dream of Omnimaga by DJ Omnimaga (Thread)

Cemetech Screen Saver by Alvajoy123 (Thread)

Calculator Screen Saving by Oxiti8 (Thread)
(We forgot to include this in the poll initially! Oh no! Sad)
Hey, so I got left off the poll, despite emailing my project to contest@cemetech.net before the deadline. I know it probably wont make any difference on the poll now, but could I at least be added to the list?
I added you to the post and poll (unfortunately there's no good way to fairly add you short of starting a completely new poll, but at least we can add you), and I added your archives submission to the CC26 category. That it wasn't in that category could be a contributing factor for you being overlooked initially!
Ha! What's very amusing is that everyone thought Midlife Crisis by Hot_Dog would win! Alva's the underdog. But then, anything could happen!
I really enjoyed trying these out; each one was unique and showed off their author's creativity! Great job to all the contestants, and thanks to wavejumper and the judges for organizing and running the contest.
Half a day of voting left - don't forget to test out the entries and get your vote in soon!
have the judges voted yet? How many votes do they get?
Calculatordream wrote:
have the judges voted yet? How many votes do they get?
The judges vote separately, using this complete rubric (hopefully this showed up in the contest announcement thread somewhere?), and the community vote is factored into the results:

[See official contest rules for more info]

Grounds for Immediate Rejection of Entry:
[ ] 1. Entry not submitted by deadline.
[ ] 2. Entry was released before deadline (binary or source code).
[ ] 3. Source code not provided (applicable for ASM only).
[ ] 4. Program does not work (occasional bugs or glitches are okay but may reduce score).
[ ] 5. Program does not follow contest rules.
[ ] 6. Program is not a screensaver in letter or spirit.

Grading Criteria, in Order of Importance
1. Visuals - SCORE _____/40
---- How well do the visuals take advantage of the power of the given platform?
---- Does it have "replayability" - how much does it vary?

2. Creativity and originality - SCORE ____/25
---- How original is either the subject material or the execution?
---- What creativity was required to implement or adapt the idea to the limitations
     of the given platform?

3. Adherence to theme - SCORE ____/15
---- Is this truly a screensaver, as might have been used on an older computer?
---- Does it require user input to function?

4. Readme file - SCORE _____/5
---- Possible non-exhaustive content that is useful to have:
     ---- Describes screensaver
     ---- Author info, including contact information
     ---- How to upload the game to the calculator
     ---- Requirements such as shells and libraries explicitly stated
     ---- Instructions
     ---- Credit authors of routines/programs

5. Source Code - SCORE _____/5
---- Quantity of Comments
---- Quality of Comments
---- Consistent coding style
---- Efficiency

6. Other Advantages Not Covered Above - SCORE _____/10
---- Runs on more than one platforms
---- Stretching the platform's capabilities, e.g. grayscale on a monochrome device, sound, etc.
---- Judges' discretion

TOTAL SCORE _____ (maximum of 100 points)
Thanks KermMartian for all these details, looks like the votes are very well structured Very Happy

I am really impatient to discover the final results. Congratulations to Alvajoy123 who won the community vote: well done Mate Very Happy
This is already a good recognition for the work done, you can be really proud of it.

Let see now for the final stage Very Happy
Good luck to every contestants ...
slyVTT wrote:

Good luck to every contestants ...

Thanks slyVTT! Like I said though, ANYTHING can happen now. Even though Alva has the advantage right now, anyone can win! Best of luck to you all as well!
Thanks to everyone who voted! And of course, I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest; it's truly been a fun journey learning how to develop a screensaver and learning about new and old development tricks when it came to 8-bit development.

I also want to congratulate everyone who made it to the final stages and had a chance to submit their entry. Well done! Smile
Do we know when the final results will be available and published ?
I may have missed the info in the SAX shoutbox, as my local time is shift from one of most members.
If already discussed and answered, I really apologize for not being up to date with info.
I'm just putting this here for other contestants.

wavejumper3 in SAX wrote:
[D] [wavejumper3] slyVTT: we're still in the process of tabulating judge's votes.
Thanks for voting, everyone! We reviewed the vote results to ensure integrity of the voting process, and uncovered an irregularity with a substantial block of votes placed by otherwise non-participating users registered apparently just for the contest voting. We want to preserve the participation process as much as possible, so we will be:
  1. For this contest, continuing to count the community vote for the final tabulation, but decreasing the weight the community vote will be given, and
  2. Limiting future community votes to users registered before the contest was announced, and possibly also requiring that voters have previously posted.

We look forward to announcing the votes soon.
Sounds like a wise approach KermMartian.
Thanks for updating us.
Thanks for updating us on this. I had noticed early on in the voting process that at one point, more people had voted for Alvajoy than had downloaded the screensaver.
Calculatordream wrote:
Thanks for updating us on this. I had noticed early on in the voting process that at one point, more people had voted for Alvajoy than had downloaded the screensaver.

Doesn't necessarily prove culpability, as many times people vote without actually trying out the programs, as has been pretty evident in previous contests. Let's wait until we hear news from the host or judges before we go throwing blame around.
There are also other ways to get the program then by downloading it via the archives. Several entries were available via github, for example, and the hardware itself supports distribution to other calculators.

As far as we can tell, only the spirit of the community vote was broken--no explicit rules were violated. Because nothing explicitly rule breaking happened, we don't feel a disqualification or a round of blame-games would be productive. As Kerm said, the rules will just be adjusted going forward to preserve the spirit of a community vote, rather than effectively allowing for an open vote, and weight of this community vote will be changed.
Hi All,
any news ? We are all very impatient to discover the final ranking.
Any idea on when the results will be revealed ?

It can be our Christmas surprise:)
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