On the calculator please just hit [prgm], scroll over to EDIT, select the program, scroll down until you see all the places with “L1” and replace them with singular L1 tokens.

I’m not sure what exactly TI-Connect CE uses to denote this token but you should be able to change the program itself by hand, directly on the calculator.

Alternatively you can use the superior editor of SourceCoder to create the program, in which case you will need to use sourcecoder notation instead before exporting it and sending it to your calculator. Here is what that would look like, you can copy and paste this into a sourcecoder TI-Basic file if you need to.

And again this is SOURCECODER notation, so don’t be confused why some symbols are changed:

Disp "1: Multiply"
Disp "2: Divide"
Input C
If min(dim([A])!=dim([B]
Disp "Matrices have different dimensions"
calcguy55 wrote:
commandblockguy wrote:
The L1 in my code is supposed to be the L1 token (2nd + 1), not the letter L followed by the number 1.
I just copied and pasted the code you posted I'm not sure how to edit L1 to be L1 token (2nd + 1).

What he means is that L1 is actually a token on your calc that you can get by pressing: 2nd and then the number 1.

You can see on the calcs faceplate that to the top left above the 1 key there is L1 in blue writing shown here in the red circle:

Similarly you can get L2 by pressing: 2nd and then 2, L3 by pressing: 2nd and then 3.

This token represents the list, unfortunately typing in "L1" as 2 characters won't work.
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