Hot_Dog wrote:
Apart from emailing the screen saver and source code, will it be our responsibility to upload the finished project to the Cemetech downloads section?

good question.
That will have to be answered by somebody managing the rules, but the question reminded me that I wanted to add an archives section for contest entries which I've now done: Of course, there's nothing there yet but I would also like to add older contest entries to their own subcategories as well.
Nice idea! Hopefully it encourages contestants to submit their entries there. Maybe older members could even upload their past entries as well, this would be cool Smile
As I've done some work adding old contest entries to new categories for them, I think authors should be required to upload their submissions to the archives because otherwise they tend to disappear. Less than half of the entries from contest 25 are currently in the archives, and one of them isn't even online anymore! By comparison, all of the entries from contest 20 remain available because entrants were instructed to submit their programs to the archives.
Yeah for the Omnimaga contests I ran or partly ran I usually had a judging round where community members voted for a certain amount of programs for any given category, so inevitably we had to release all entries to the public and it was implied by the initial contest announcements that this would happen. I don't know if the entries from past Omnimaga contest are still online, though, and sadly I no longer have any Cemetech ones on hard drives and SSDs that I have that still works.

The only problem with allowing people to vote is that some people can create multiple accounts to vote for their own entries and any entry named "Pokémon" is guaranteed to win regardless of its quality and faithfulness to the source material.
Just uploaded my contribution as I will be AFK for some days.
Good luck to all of you and don't rush too much by the final deadline.
I've also mailed off a zip with my entry, which I don't currently anticipate making any further changes to!

For lack of any official instruction, I encourage anybody else submitting an entry to upload it to the archives as well, and include it in the Contest entries -> #26 category; we can hold those until the submission deadline, then make them available to all. (And as usual, feel free to submit newer versions as you need.)
This contest will begin when this post goes up, and end on Saturday, November 25th, at 3pm EST, 12 Noon PT. Community voting will be the following week, and winners will be announced soon after.
How many entries so far? I saw many topics but I was curious since the last day or two of any contest usually get most of their entries submissions. I'm excited to give them a try when they become publicly available. Smile
Four entries submitted properly thus far! I'm excited for the typical exponential curve as the deadline approaches.
Hope mine is one of the four cause I am at the plane gate to Japan and will be AFK till the deadline Mr Green
I'm desperately hoping that mine will be categorized as a basic program when I turn it in, but I doubt it since all the graphics are handled by celtice ce.
Calculatordream wrote:
I'm desperately hoping that mine will be categorized as a basic program when I turn it in, but I doubt it since all the graphics are handled by celtice ce.

Honestly I feel like all the BASIC programs should go together, given that there are already so few TI-BASIC programs to begin with (as far as I'm aware). Sure, hybrid TI-BASIC is more powerful, but I still don't really find it comparable to fully non-TI-BASIC options.
Wavejumper3 wrote:

Judging and Scoring:
Personal Judgement of 5 judges: Wavejumper3, LogicalJoe, and three others TBA.
There will be a community vote as well!

Reminders for everyone;
Judges are Wavejumper3, LogicalJoe, Comic, Merthsoft, and KermMartian.
CC26 ends tomorrow on the 25th.
Good luck to everyone participating!
I've sent in mine finally. Good luck to everyone else!
Hi All,
After almost 10days off; I was wondering if the community vote is opened already ?
For Newbies like me, how do we proceed to vote (of course if already doable) ?
What is the timeline/dealine for that ?
Thanks cheers
Hello slyVTT,
We were having some technical difficulties with the poll.
Hopefully, this next post should fix said issues.

You'll have, as promised, 7 days!
Hope that helps.
Great !!
What an impressive quick feedback.
Thank you very much.
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