You have to install a jailbreak called ArTIfiCE. You could just look up "artifice 84 plus ce" to find it.
Here's the actual link, for posterity:
rat_yt wrote:
I'm on ti 84 plus ce 5.7.0, is there any program or code i can get to do this? Confused
There isn't a program to access it, but there is another way to get lowercase letters. If you go into your menu, go to language and change it to any language other than English. Then go into catalog (2nd→0). It'll be in the new language but don't panic. You want to access the first option (characters). Once in the GUI for the characters, press alpha twice and you'll see the lowercase option. Now do 2nd→on) Then turn your calculator back on, and you have lowercase letters!
Just use upper case for vars. It works fine.
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