Just got back into calculator programming from a long hiatus, and with me moving states, I had to be choosy in what to bring and what to leave. That being said, it involved me bringing one of each calculator, and I just happened to grab my (broken) Ti 84+.

So nothing of note had been seen. I was able to send programs to and from ram and rom, but I was unable to send apps and OSs. Whenever I tried, I got errors in ti connect.

So, I tried sending the 2.55mp 8xu upgrade file, and this was the ultimate mistake. What went from a fairly workable/recoverable Ti 84+ has now gone to a brick, with the dreaded "Waiting" for OS transfer on startup.

We have determined that my calculator no longer has a certificate, which is also confirmed by Ti Connect. I just got an error saying that I need a certificate to send an OS.

I can see the calculator from tilp and ti explorer from both USB and SilverLink, and I get the same errors on both connections.

If possible, is there a way for me to recover this calculator?
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