Few suggestions: 1. offline html (I have a bad Chromebook that often disconnects from the internet).
2. Graphing Calculator skin change (I think we can use, say, ti-84+ce of different colors so it looks nicer)

If it's the website theme then I kinda like it. The one Womp made as userstyle is as good to me too. Others prefer womp style.
Offline SourceCoder would be handy too. But there's TokenIDE by Merthsoft for that.
I also want to dump my suggestion here.
I want a "Lite" mode of Cemetech that uses very basic UI and uses a lot less bandwidth. I am only sugfesting this because I am in a location that has very spotty mobile data connection.
We already have a subforum just for this: https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=96
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