I run into a weird issue trying to dump my TI 84/Plus.
I am a completely new user, I bought this used today, so maybe I am doing something wrong.

What I've done so far:
1) uploaded the G84PBE1.8xp and G84PBE2.8xp
2) I arn G84PBE1.8xp on the calculator successfully
3) When I run G84PBE2 I get an error that I don't have 16KB of RAM available.
And it is correct when I look it says 7KB
4) So I tried cleaning the whole RAM with Mem and 7 Reset all and I still only have 7788 bytes available.

How do I need to proceed dumping the ROMs? Any suggestions?
Okay I finally solved it... The G84PBE1 dumps already a 16KB file.
So you need to run that first, offload that dump file and then run G84PBE2 and offload that dump file.
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