Mac, PC, or Linux OS
 60%  [ 14 ]
 30%  [ 7 ]
 8%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 23

Those are nice specs, at least if you put enough DDR5 RAM in two sticks Smile

The RTX 3060 is a mid-range GPU from the previous generation, but higher-end and/or newer GPU gear is pretty expensive...
And I hope that your SSD model is reliable enough... 0.1-0.2 DWPD rated models suck. My work laptop's factory 256 GB SSD is rated 100 TBW, which means I'll have to replace it after a while using it for rootfs + swap: it's already reached nearly 70% life used.
Yea, I have 32 Gigs DDR5 RAM
I'd stay away from mac's for developing for various reasons listed already a laptop seems to be what your looking at, I would install either linux or windows. If it was me I would install linux. Choose you own flavor if you new to linux stick to mint, ubuntu, debian, parrot, or kali. If your experienced and want to grow a neck beard and tell everyone you use vim then use Arch Linux. Or you could keep it simple and use a TI-84+ Very Happy
If you ever look into a powerful Windows laptop to use, I would recommend Dell's new xps 17 ( I'm using this one as configured in the link. I would reccomend this because it has a good battery life, is good for powerful applications (can run ide's, heavy games, video editing, 3d designing), has a good display (4k), and has very good sound, (better than most headphones). It also meets the RAM requirement, as it has 64 gb of ram.
I just use a 7 year-old business laptop by Dell because it and other laptops were decommissioned by my dad's organization. My dad had put Ubuntu on it for me (thanks dad). He knows I prefer Linux to Windows, yet he uses Windows. Here are the specific specs:
CPU: Intel Core i5-7300U x 4
Memory: 8 GiB
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620 (integrated GPU)
Storage: 256 GB
Screen: 15.6 inch
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