Hello, I received a new calculator yesterday and attempted to connect it to Ti-Connect, but it would not connect. I tried every solution that I could find on the internet, like trying to update the drivers, checking if I used Ti-Connect CE, making sure that the cord was put pushed in all the way, using the official Ti cables, and trying different USB ports in my computer. The only notable thing I found with the calculator was that it has no charging light. What should I do to fix it and make it connect to Ti-Connect on Windows.
I had the same problem before . I've heard newer versions of Ti-Connect CE are broken. I've heard downgrading your Ti-Connect CE can fix the problem. Also, make sure you dont have Ti-connect and Ti-Connect CE installed at the same time. If that doesn't work try installing Tilp2. I used Tilp2 when mine broke but then one Ti-Connect CE started working again. Hopefully some of that info helps.
Try pressing and holding the reset button on the back of the calculator for at least 2 seconds.
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