The well-utilized poll for Projects of the Year 2021 has ended, and it is time to announce the results! We might be over a year late, but we're on the right track, and we're thrilled to finally be featuring a host of great 2021 projects, including the one you all picked as your favorite. In was a much closer contest than last year, so congratulations are due to all of the creators.

In 7th Place, we have 3 projects:
  • BBCode Library by Tari. This Rust library is part of a continued and more general effort to improve Cemetech's entire backend, making parsing BBCode markup easier and faster.
  • HexaEdit CE by Captain Calc. This powerful hex editor for the CE calculators is useful for both developers and calculator power users.
  • Folders by Frederik. It adds folders to shells that do not include them by default, or even the programs menu with no shell.

In 6th Place, we have 5 projects:
  • CEyboard by TheLastMillennial. CEyboard was the result of an effort to document every key in the TI-SmartView software, culminating in a program allowing you to use your calculator as a keyboard for your computer.
  • HASHLIB by ACagliano. It provides many hashing and other cryptographic functions for developers to use in their own programs.
  • (sprite) Designer by Frederik. As the name suggests, it's an on-calc color sprite editor with many useful drawing features.
  • AgneCE by ordelore. This port of the Agnes NES emulator for other devices brings it to the CE, an impressive achievement given the hardware limitations of the calculator.
  • CEdit by Michael0x18. This fully fledged text editor for the CE includes features you would expect from a computer text editor, like text selection, copying, pasting, and searching.

In 5th Place, we have Programmer's Calculator CE by DrDnar. It includes many programmer-oriented math features, including hexadecimal and binary conversion and bitwise operations.

In 4th Place, we have 3 projects:
  • Tiny Jumper by RoccoLox Programs. This is a platformer game for the CE with a focus on speedrunning, that also features very smooth gameplay, customization, and much more.
  • Calc2KeyCE by Dmalenke. It's a neat utility allowing for many types of calculator <--> PC functionality, including screen mirroring and input.
  • Fruit Ninja CE by Michael2_3B. It's what you'd expect: a faithful port of the game Fruit Ninja, adapted to allow you to slice fruit by swiping the calculator's keypad.

In 3rd Place, we have TI-81 CE by tr1p1ea. Run a TI-81 on your TI-84 Plus CE, even faster than the original, including a neat skin and the classic greenish-colored LCD.

In 2nd Place by 16.7% of the votes, we have Alien Breed 5 Episode III: Impact by JamesV. Including 3 episodes, many levels, multiplayer (!), smooth animations and gameplay, bossfights, cutscenes, a non-linear campaign in Episode III, high scores, achievements, and much more, it's likely one of the largest calculator games ever released--and it's available for both monochrome and color calculators.

And our 1st Place winner, with 25% of the votes, is CEleste by commandblockguy. It's a port of the classic PICO-8 platformer Celeste, a neat game with many levels to play through that required a significant amount of work to get ported due to hardware differences and issues with the graphics of the game. It looks beautiful, and our members think it's a great deal of fun to play.

Thank you to all of our members that participated in the poll, and be sure to keep the great projects coming in 2022 2023 and beyond!
Congratulations to everyone! This was a very strong group of entries.
Congratulations to everyone, especially commandblockguy! I'll also echo what ordelore said--this was an excellent lineup and you all should be proud of your placement here.
Congratulations to all the awesome projects this year, even the ones that didn't make it into the PotY! As always, I'm impressed by the effort that goes into these projects by all the people involved! Here's to another great year with more programming and calculators! Smile
Well done everyone and greatly appreciated from the Cemetech team to host this initiative.

Congrats to all the winners and amazing work by all those who had a release for the year Smile.
Great work everyone! Also good job as well to those who completed new projects that didn't make the above list. I can't wait to revisit the 2022 project releases (and maybe some of the 2021 ones) and to see what's next for 2023. Smile
As usual, some fantastic releases! And a very well deserved win for CEleste, a great port of a very addictive and fun game!
Congrats to all the winners, it was a great lineup!
Great work, everyone! I had a really hard time deciding which project to vote for; in an ideal world several of these would have gotten my vote (the ranked-choice voting ideas I saw would help...). I'm also very much looking forward to us continuing to move fast on new PotMs so that PotY 2022 isn't in January 2024!
Fantastic lineup... very difficult to pick a winner out of all the extremely well-made and well-polished projects. Here's to 2022 also yielding some stellar calculator creations.
Tons of amazing programs, congratulations to everyone on the list! Especially CommandBlockGuy for the amazing port!
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