I've created a python script for manipulating cloud variables on scratch. This script allows you to change any cloud variable to any numerical data. Regardless of what is programmed into a Scratch project. Please do NOT abuse this. I created this script to help people learn how they work so they could change it for their own uses. I have to note that the API I use in this script is not mine I am using Scratchattach.
Thanks to TimMcCool for the API. This script is meant to show how scratch cloud variables are insecure and can be easily edited or wiped Shock I'd like to create another python script for combating these things. So I hope I can bring about some more education and security with this. Thanks, Cemetech for all the help and for bringing me along on my coding journey. I've truly learned a lot. Smile
If anyone has any suggestions let me know.
For those of us not in the know, what is a Scratch cloud variable and why should we care if they can be modified?
Sorry, I should have clarified Scratch is a block coding language similar to python. Cloud Variables in scratch are variables that are stored on scratch servers and allow for multiplayer games since the variables aren't stored locally in one user's instance.
For instance, this is a game using cloud variables allowing multiplayer or storing other values. Being able to write custom values can give users the ability to hack projects. For more info read this.
You might want to post this on the Advanced Topics section of the Scratch forums instead.
Ok I thought people on cemetech might be interested. Very Happy
Mettysander wrote:
I've had my fair share of Scratch projects, and messing with cloud variables can be tricky. Your Python script sounds helpful for learning and understanding how they work. I also suggest you take courses like aws certified sysops administrator associate if you feel that you lack some knowledge. Keep up the great work!

I havent worked on this project in a while but I did figure out how to make hacked clients.
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