Is it possible to change the order of add-ins on the Casio fxCG50’s menu screen? Thank you in advance for any advice.
If you completely reset the calculator (use key combos to clear memory), the add-ins should appear in the order you put them in. Built in ones by Casio may be harder to control if I remember correctly - you could try changing file names before putting them in one by one after reset or/and hex editing internal name (don’t forget adjusting check sums too then)
Personally, I use the tool DriveSort to sort the files on the calculator alphabetically. This will sort all the add-ins too. The program reorganises the content of the directory tables on FAT/FAT32 drives.
Make sure to select as comparision base the "Long Name". Then select the calculator using Disk -> Open. Now go to Folder -> Sort and then Folder -> Save.
Thanks. I was able to somewhat alter the order to what I wanted using the playlist mode, although it hasn't worked perfectly.
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