Getting back into the calculator again, and am getting a graphlink cable this time so I can do some dev on my computer.

My question is if there is any way to run the SourceCoder 3 editor in full screen and remove the side and top bars of the site, or if there is a downloadable version of it somewhere?

Check out https://github.com/Legend-of-iPhoenix/cemetech-userstyle/releases
hey thats perfect! i wonder why thats not built in though
We have old support for jsTIfied to make it work offline and look like a semi-native app (it provides an app manifest), but that doesn't work on newer browsers. Since that was first implemented browsers have started requiring that installable apps (which have the option to customize presentation in the way that we did this) also register a service worker, and some browsers (looking at you, Firefox) don't even implement installation of webapps on non-mobile platforms.

It probably wouldn't be too hard to implement a basic installable version of jsTIfied again, though SourceCoder is harder since it depends on the server to implement much of the code translation and data storage. It wouldn't be too hard to implement an alternate stylesheet for SourceCoder, though that really only works in Firefox (..between an installable app and alternate stylesheet I guess it can cover the major browsers? Sounds like a lot of work).
Also, why isn't there source code for browsers other than Mozilla browsers? The online SourceCoder3 works fine in Chrome. I've downloaded the resources for offline use, but it doesn't really work.
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