I was wondering if it is possible to export a rom from jsTIfied so i can use it on another emulator.
I recall somebody asking about this a while ago too and I came up with a hack but have no idea where that is now. So here's a rebuilt version.

Paste this code snippet into your browser's javascript console with jsTIfied open (typically pressing F12 will open it) and it will download the ROM image as jstified.rom.

dlink=document.createElement('a');dlink.href=window.URL.createObjectURL(new Blob([flash.mem],{type:'application/octet-stream'}));dlink.download='jstified.rom';document.body.appendChild(dlink);dlink.click();

This takes advantage of the fact that jstified doesn't do any namespace isolation to speak of, so it's easy to access emulator state (in this case flash.mem is the contents of flash) from the global namespace.
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