I am working on making a recreation of a game for the TI-84+ce, which has a lot of graphics in it both sprites and tilesets. I have only added in a fraction of the images to the game and the calculator is already complaining about not enough RAM. I am using CEmu for testing and don't have anything stored in ram. I was able to get it to work after removing a lot of unused space and resizing tilesets, but I'm back to it needing more memory to work. Is there a way to store sprites/tilesets in archive, and load/unload them into RAM as needed? I know there is a way to store sprites and tilesets in appvars, but I haven't been able to find documentation on how to do this on the ce-programming site, and the example that comes with CEdev only loads the sprites in from the appvar. Is there a way to swap out, or load and unload graphics so they arent all stored in ram at once? I am only using one "set" of tiles or sprites at once, so this is the obvious solution to me.
You can read sprites/tilesets directly from archived appvars.

MateoConLechuga wrote:
You can read sprites/tilesets directly from archived appvars.

I had no idea, thank you so much! I will test this now.
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